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Pure Flix EditorsDec 9, 2022 12:00:00 AM5 min read

Pure Flix vs. Hallmark: Keep Christ in Christmas With These Top 10 Romance Movies

The Christmas season comes with a great deal of tradition, including a mixture of classic Christmas specials and romantic Christmas movies that individuals and families look forward to each year.


And in the midst of the joy of the season and the entertainment options that emerge each year, here's why you and your family should watch Christian Christmas movies on Pure Flix: They help you celebrate the true reason for the season.

If you love Christmas movies, consider this: Hallmark and other outlets offer plenty of Christmas movies, but only Pure Flix provides a unique library of Christian Christmas movies that focus on faith, biblical truth and the gospel message.


Many of these films and shows focus on scriptural truths and the birth of Jesus — an event that transformed all of humanity. A number of factors truly differentiate Pure Flix.

Pure Flix vs. Hallmark: The Gospel Message

First and foremost, Pure Flix has movies that will leave you deeply inspired in your faith. As we inch toward December 25, these TV shows and movies will remind us why Jesus came and what Christ's life story can teach us. If you love Christmas movies, this is just one reason to jump for joy!

We offer the Holy Story through our content — a look at the biblical events that most other channels and services ignore during the holiday season. From "The Chosen" series to fictional stories that shed light on gospel truths, there is no shortage of Christmas content streaming right now on Pure Flix.

So, what do some of these movies and TV shows look like? Let's dive in and explore just some of the popular Christian Christmas movies that you can watch right now with your family — films that truly make Pure Flix stand out:

Pure Flix vs. Hallmark: Christian Christmas movies

Banking on Love

banking on love hallmark versus pure flix christmas moviespure flix blog 800px 450px

When a failing mechanic and an up tight loan officer are forced to spend the Christmas holiday together locked in a bank vault, they both learn dreams are worth fighting for. This Christmas movie sure gives Hallmark a run for it's money!

Watch "Banking on Love" -- one of our best romance movies -- on Pure Flix this Christmas season.

christmas Angel

christmas angel hallmark christmas movies for kids pure flix 800px 450px

This Christmas, watch the Christmas romance movie that rivals Hallmark's called "Christmas Angel." This Olivia Mead has one wish: that her single mom would find someone that can take the title of husband and dad.

Stream the Christian Christmas movie, "Christmas Angel," now available on Pure Flix.

Welcome to Hope: Holiday Homecoming


The residents of Hope, NY come to the aid of displaced foster children after St. Jerome's Home for Children has a fire right before Christmas, and many families find the foster children complete their homes.

Watch the heartfelt Christian Christmas movie, "Welcome to Hope: A Holiday Homecoming" now available on Pure Flix.

The Most Wonderful Time

most wonderful time christmas movie pure flix 800px 450px

Before her mother sells their family home after the holidays, a 30-something struggling author reunites with her three best friends to reminisce and re-create the glory days of their high school years.

Watch the Christmas romance movie, "Most Wonderful Time" on now Pure Flix.

The Christmas Dance

christmas dance hallmark christian movie pure flix blog 800px 450px

In this touching Christmas romance movie, Sarah is traumatized by her past and Christmas is not at the top of her list this time of year. However, waltzing through life's unexpected emergencies, she is taught the Christmas dance.

Fall in love with the Christian Christmas movie, "The Christmas Dance," now on Pure Flix!

Hashtag Blessed

hashtag blessed romance hallmark christian christmas moviepure flix blog 800px 450px

In this Christian Christmas movie, we meet Jessi and wonder, will Jessi ever find her love? Will she continue down her dark path of negativity or will the magic of Christmas shine?

Watch "Hashtag Blessed" to find out the answers in this romance movie right here on Pure Flix!

Christmas Rom-Coms on Pure Flix

And for those who are looking for romantic Christmas movies, Pure Flix still has plenty to offer. Here are just a few films that are comical, touching — and clean entertainment that the entire family can enjoy! Pure Flix has the best romance Christian movies streaming right now!

A Match Made At Christmas

a-match-made at christmas romance movies pure flix 800px 450px

If you're looking for clean Christian Christmas romance movies, then Pure Flix is your destination. Romantic, small-town girl Holly, and realist, career-driven, Chris aren't a likely pair, but when 'matched' together by Holly's all-knowing great-aunt, they don't seem to have much of a choice.

Stream the romance movie, "A Match Made at Christmas" on Pure Flix today.

Christmas in Carolina

christmas in carolina pure flix blog 800px 450px

A Christmas romance movie set in the south! Elle, a career-driven investment banker, has given up on love until she meets Wesley, who invites her to his hometown in South Carolina, where she falls in love and finds the spirit of Christmas again.

Watch the Christian Christmas rom-com, "Christmas in Carolina" now on Pure Flix.

Falling For Christmas

falling for christmas christian romance movie pure flix blog 800px 450px

Champion figure skater Claire is injured and sent for rehab in the snowy mountains where she falls for a local ice fisherman who shows her there is more to life than competition.

Watch one of our best romance movies, "Falling for Christmas," available on Pure Flix.

Runaway Christmas Bride

Runaway Christmas Bride Christian Christmas Movies Pure Flix

Fleeing a dishonest groom and an overbearing family on her wedding day, Kate's romantic life only gets more complicated when she meets Jason, a ski patrol officer at the mountain resort where she finds refuge. Sit down and stream this movie today — one of the best romantic Christmas movies now showing on Pure Flix!

Watch "Runaway Christmas Bride" right now on Pure Flix.

Bonus: Sweet Romantic Movies

A Christmas Truce

A Christmas Truce Christian Christmas Movies Pure Flix

If you're looking for romantic Christmas movies with more meaning, consider "A Christmas Truce." Encounter an American soldier and a Belgian woman who fall in love during a brief holiday truce amid the Battle of the Bulge. When fighting resumes, they promise to reunite on the first Christmas after the war ends if they're both alive. It's one of the best romantic Christmas movies that carries with it a much deeper meaning.

Watch "Christmas Truce" right now on Pure Flix! Watch with a free trial!

And these films and shows only scratch the surface of the available Christian and romantic Christmas movies! Explore all of the Christian Christmas content that is now streaming on Pure Flix.


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