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Nov 20, 2023 12:15:00 AM

Celebrate Romance: 10 Romantic Christmas Movies to Watch for the 2023 Holiday Season

The Christmas season comes with a great deal of tradition, including a mixture of classic Christmas specials and romantic Christmas movies that individuals and families look forward to each year.

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And in the midst of the joy of the season and the entertainment options that emerge each year, here's why you and your family should watch Christian Christmas movies on Great American Pure Flix: They help you celebrate the true reason for the season.

If you love Christmas movies, consider this: Hallmark and other outlets offer plenty of Christmas movies, but only Great AmericanPure Flix provides a unique library of romantic Christmas movies that focus on faith, biblical truth and the gospel message.

Many of these films and shows focus on scriptural truths and the birth of Jesus — an event that transformed all of humanity. A number of factors truly differentiate Great American Pure Flix as your option to stream clean this holiday season.

Great American Pure Flix: The Gospel Message

First and foremost, Great American Pure Flix has movies that will leave you deeply inspired in your faith. As we inch toward December 25, these TV shows and movies will remind us why Jesus came and what Christ's life story can teach us. If you love Christmas movies, this is just one reason to jump for joy!

We offer the Holy Story through our content — a look at the biblical events that most other channels and services ignore during the holiday season. From "The Chosen" series to fictional stories that shed light on gospel truths, there is no shortage of Christmas content streaming right now on Great American Pure Flix.

So, what do some of these movies and TV shows look like? Let's dive in and explore just some of the popular Christian Christmas movies that you can watch right now with your family — films that truly make Great American Pure Flix stand out:

Christian & Romantic Christmas Movies

My Christmas Hero


In My Christmas Hero, US Army reservist and orthopedic physician, Nicole Ramsey is dedicated to serving military service members and their families at the Joint Military Base in Lacey, Washington. This Christmas, with the help of many dedicated heroes, Dr. Ramsey is on a mission to honor a special fallen soldier and bring much needed healing to her own family.

Starring Candace Cameron Bure, watch "My Christmas Hero" exclusively on Great American Pure Flix starting December 1.

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Destined at Christmas


There's an instant spark between Kim and Theo, who meet in the midst of Black Friday shopping. When they get separated, they each embark on a journey to find each other by Christmas.

Stream the romantic Christmas movie, "Destined at Christmas," available on Great American Pure Flix.

Christmas On Windmill Way


In Christmas on Windmill Way, Mia Miejer excitedly anticipates the Christmas Market Fest Dutch Bake-Off competition and is filled with confidence her Mimi will win the festival’s top prize with her award-winning Kerststol when she learns Mimi has difficult news to share. It’s an especially tough pill for Mia to swallow when she learns the land developer’s representative is her former boyfriend who also must let Mia and Ann know the agreement includes the Inn and sawmill, all of which will be torn down.

Starring Chad Michael Murray, watch "Christmas on Windmill Way" on Great American Pure Flix now available.

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'Twas the Text Before Christmas


An unexpected text message sent to the wrong number sets into motion a Christmas tradition with a new family over three separate years.

Watch the Christmas romance movie, "'Twas the Text Before Christmas" on now Great American Pure Flix.

A Brush with Christmas


Over the week leading up to Christmas in the town of Bayside, Charlotte tries to capture her own unique style in the local art scene while also helping her mother, run the family restaurant. Disheartened and struggling to find time for her art, Charlotte throws out her latest painting, only to discover that it has been anonymously submitted to the Christmas art festival. It turns out that Wyatt, a visiting artist, stumbled upon her discarded work and is now using the festival’s exposure to find its mysterious creator.

Fall in love with the Christmas movie, "A Brush with Christmas," streaming now on Great American Pure Flix!

A Christmas Blessing


Renowned TV star Mandy Gilmore says goodbye to her hit culinary series, A World of Food, with plans to travel the globe dining in all 142 Michelin star restaurants. Before jetting to Paris, Mandy stops in Milwaukee with the deed to her deceased aunt’s food pantry, Angel’s Fare, recently purchased by adjacent business owner. Will Mandy follow through with the transaction or will the reason her aunt started the food pantry remind her of the true Christmas spirit?

Watch "A Christmas Blessing" to find out the answers in this romance movie right here on Great American Pure Flix.

A Dash of Christmas


To apply for her dream job at a foodie startup, an executive must learn to bake. When she recruits a handsome baker to help her, she inadvertently ends up entered in a Christmas Bakeoff.

Stream the romance movie, "A Dash of Christmas" on Great American Pure Flix right now.

Peppermints & Postcards


When a Christmas letter concerning her love life goes viral, one mom discovers that romance might be right at her door.

Watch the Christmas rom-com, "Peppermints & Postcards" starting December 8 on Great American Pure Flix.

And these films and shows only scratch the surface of the available Christian and romantic Christmas movies! Explore all of the Christian Christmas content that is now streaming on Great American Pure Flix

We'd love your feedback! If you've seen any of our films, we'd love to know what you think of them through our movie review survey. Fill it out anytime you watch something new on Great American Pure Flix!


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