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Feb 13, 2024 1:15:00 AM

Meet the Characters of the New Original Series 'County Rescue'

Real-life first responders are courageous, everyday heroes that deserve our appreciation and prayers for safety. The members of the EMT squad we meet in the new Great American Pure Flix series “County Rescue” not only work well together to save lives, but lean on each other and support one another through the ups and downs of life.

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Let’s meet each team member from “County Rescue” so you’re familiar with their stories when the series begins streaming February 16!

Danielle “Dani” Miller


Dani is a rookie EMT and one of the three people vying for a permanent position with the team. Since Dani’s med school aspirations fizzled, she hasn’t found a field that is a good fit for both her talents and her parent’s high expectations. Having dabbled in many fields, it’s not until she hears God’s voice calling her to become a first responder that she feels confident in her career choice. 

With her unshakeable faith, she prays on the job once a call comes in and before she arrives on the scene. She’s intuitive, brave, and great at comforting people in distress. But her perfectionistic tendencies tend to get in the way of her success and, in the past, have caused her to quit when things get tough. In addition, her confidence is shaken because her parents don’t believe in her calling. PLUS, she’s still mending a broken heart. Will Dani be able to overcome these obstacles to land her dream job?



Fellow rookie Tim was also once a med school prospect, but his path diverted when his family’s needs took priority. Intelligent and studious, Tim quickly rises to the top as the smartest rookie, becoming a local celebrity of sorts after one fortunate encounter.

Tim’s faith has gotten him through the tough times in his life, and he encourages Dani to lean into her faith when things get tough on the job. But Tim’s shyness gets in the way of him taking initiative and makes him potentially too soft-spoken for his desired job.

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The third rookie EMT, Griffin, is confident he has the permanent position spot in the bag. As the son of the fire chief, his status has given him privilege throughout his life, so why should this be different? While he appears to be cocky and self-assured, there may be more underneath the surface as he faces the pressures from his family. Impulsive and reckless, Griffin just wants to show everyone a good time.

Captain Andy Dalton


Andy is the class-clown of the group, but he knows when the job requires him to take things seriously. That doesn’t keep him from causing a little trouble every now and then at the station! As a prankster, Andy keeps things light-hearted in a field that has serious and intense situations.

Andy is usually the first one to rush into action and he keeps a calm, level-headed demeanor on the job. He has a strong faith in God and watches out for his entire team, whether during down-time at the station or out in the field. Andy mentors the rookie EMTs, showing them what is needed to be a top-tier first responder.

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Ashley Dalton


Ashley is Andy’s wife and one of the best first responders at the station. She’s cool under pressure while also having great bedside manner out in the field. The watchdog of the group, she reaches out to any team member who she sees struggling or needing a listening ear. Her faith guides her as her belief in God is unshakeable.

Ashley becomes a mentor to Dani. From the interview process on, Ashley is connected with Dani. She looks to help Dani become a better EMT, and also stay firm in her faith and confidence both in God and herself.



The perfectionist of the group, Duke remains level-headed, stoic, and calm on the job. Duke makes sure everything is by the book and his ambulance and supplies are in tip-top shape. As a husband and father of three young girls, Duke feels the pressure of keeping his perfectionist guise and doesn’t want to talk about his problems. But he can only leave his feelings pent up for so long before something goes wrong.



Spunky and passionate Liz is a spitfire. With her tough exterior, she’s okay if everyone doesn’t like her. In the field, she’s a go-getter, always ready to spring into action and take charge of a situation. She’s great at her job, but not at making friends or listening to authority. As Dani’s partner, Liz tries to keep Dani in line and focused, but it doesn’t take long for Dani to win over Lizi (even if she doesn’t show it).



The artist of the group, Marcos is always learning new skills or developing new business ideas when not responding to a call. Duke’s best friend, they’ve been serving as EMTs together for the last ten years. Experienced, Marcos not only is a hard worker and a great team player, he also knows Duke inside and out—including Duke’s family. Compassionate and generous, Marcos is someone who always tries to see the good in every situation.

Chief Scotty


“Be strong, keep your cool, serve well.” Chief Scotty’s advice to his team before every call is consistent—just like Scotty. At this stage of his career, he tries to avoid as much paperwork as possible,while keeping expectations for his team high. He can come off as insensitive, but he has a soft spot for beautifully scented flowers that brighten his office (where he may or may not be taking a nap).

Sounds like a great group of characters, doesn’t it? Which character do you identify with most? You’ll soon learn more about each character as the series “County Rescue” premieres on Great American Pure Flix February 16, with new episodes every Friday.

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