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Divine Influencer

Streaming September 15th
Starring Lara Silva from The Chosen
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Stepping Into Love

Streaming on Pure Flix
Starting August 25th


Exclusive: Shari Rigby & Micah Lynn Hanson Discuss Women's Ministry behind the scenes of 'Divine Influencer'

Women bond together over many things, but none less ubiquitous than a stylish pair of ...
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A Quality Conversation: CEO of Great American Media Talks About Great American Pure Flix

It’s official: our family is now bigger and better! Following a merger earlier this year, ...
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What to Watch on Pure Flix This September

Grab your pumpkin spice lattes and plaid sweaters – fall is finally upon us! Celebrate ...
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Our Top Favorite Quotes from Our Favorite Characters in 'Stepping into Love'

We love a good movie with some memorable quotes. Which is exactly what you’ll find in ...
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Lara Silva Shares Her Prayer for the Pure Flix Original Movie, 'Divine Influencer'

Sometimes, you have to lose everything in order to surrender to God’s plan for your life ...
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Our Favorite & Most Impactful Quotes from 'Divine Influencer'

Has anyone ever said anything to you in a moment where you just wish you had a pen and ...
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Meet the Real Hollywood Couples of 'Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters'

In “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters,” we meet future in-laws Steve and Connie and Carlos ...
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Getting to the Heart of 'Romance at the Vineyard' - A GAF Original Movie Coming to Pure Flix

The new movie “Romance at the Vineyard” is a love story on multiple levels. It’s a ...
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What to Watch on Pure Flix this August

August usually means those cooler fall temps are right around the corner -- which will ...
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