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Bible Verses for Every Moment of Life


Scripture is an essential part of Christian life. There are Bible verses for virtually every moment in life: from raising children, to finding love, to growing up and learning to find your own faith. Bible verses help us strengthen our relationship with God in all aspects of our lives. Whatever we’re currently dealing with, God has already provided us with the words we need in that moment.

Here at Great American Pure Flix, many of the inspirational and encouraging stories in our faith-based movies and series revolve around the truths we find in Bible verses. Bible verses are pivotal to our mission here at Great American Pure Flix of providing wholesome faith and family-friendly entertainment to our members.


Motivational Bible Verses

Bible verses can uplift and motivate us at every moment of our lives.  We explore some topics that are common themes we find throughout scripture – both in the Old and New Testament. 

Bible Verses About Love

One of the most important messages we can learn from the Bible is that God loves us. We read, too, that God sent His only Son to sacrifice and die for us – all in the name of unconditional love. Throughout His ministry, Jesus gave us words on how to live in His image and likeness, how to love like Him in every aspect of life and how to spread His word through love

Bible Verses For Encouragement

When we read scripture, it can inspire and encourage us, especially if we’re feeling caught up in life’s trials and tribulations. Regardless of what we may be going through, Bible verses are there to encourage us with God’s strength, reminding us that He is always near.

Bible Verses About Life

There are many instances in life when we truly need to hear God’s word. His word and the Bible are there for us regardless of what we’re going through - both in good and bad times. He will give us the words to help us through anything and everything.

Bible Verses About Strength

Along with encouragement, scripture provides a plethora of examples of what strength looks like when we rely on God. From the story of Job, to Paul’s letters to Corinth on how to stay strong in faith despite the temptation to sin, Bible verses can bolster our faith foundation.

Bible Verses About Healing

We all are in need of healing – whether from physical, mental or spiritual wounds. Our belief in Jesus' sacrifice on the cross means we have a pathway to overcoming all things. God's worth through Bible verses on healing helps us heal from the past. 

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Bible Verses About Family

An integral part of Christian living is family life. There are many messages in scripture that can help guide our family relationships.

Bible Verses About Marriage

One part of Christian family life is marriage. Marriage is reflected in many ways in the Bible and the characteristics of a loving, faithful and fruitful marriage can be seen in the marriages of Mary and Joseph and Abraham and Sarah. 

Bible Verses About Children

We are all children of God and belong to one family as the body of Christ. One of the many blessings God gives us is the gift of children. These Bible verses about children and what it means to be a child of God can strengthen our family life.

Bible Verses for Special Occasions

Scripture also gives us words and inspiration for all of life’s moments. Bible verses for special occasions can be used to encourage and uplift others during celebratory times. 

Christmas Bible Verses

Christ’s birth is essential to our salvation, Christmas Bible verses gives us assurance that Christ is our Savior. We can rejoice in Christmas Bible verses and celebrate the joy of the birth of our Savior with their sentiments.

Easter Bible Verses

Christ’s resurrection is the pinnacle of the Christian faith. Because He rose, we have salvation. Easter Bible verses give us the full story of Christ’s death and resurrection. It’s through scripture that we have a record of what took place to secure our redemption. 

Thanksgiving Bible Verses

Inspirational Bible verses can help us find the appreciation of and gratitude in holidays, including Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Bible verses can be shared with family members while breaking bread and gathering around the table.


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