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mario lopez and son dominic rehearsing lines
Apr 25, 2024 9:44:00 AM

Sneak Peek: See Mario Lopez Behind the Scenes of New Great American Family Christmas Movie!

In February, we announced that Mario Lopez was joining the Great American Media family. And now we’ve got a sneak peek at his first Great American movie, “My Grown-Up Christmas Wish,” starring Lopez and his wife, Courtney.

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“My Grown-Up Christmas Wish,” tells the story of Brian Ortega (Lopez), beloved mayor of the community of Long Grove, who has lost the spirit and joy of Christmas. But when Brian finds his childhood Christmas list and his wishes begin to come true, he inspires the town to showcase its warm culture and values in order to stop the modern world from stifling the charm and heart of Long Grove—all with the help of his childhood friend, Nina (Courtney Lopez), with whom he shares an undeniable connection.

The Lopezes have spent the last couple of months on location in the historic Chicago suburb of Long Grove, Illinois, shooting the film. And during that time, they’ve been keeping fans posted about everything from the weather to what it was like to experience this month’s solar eclipse on set.

"We’ve experienced every season here. Snow, it’s been hot, all in one day. It’s been wild," Lopez said in a recent interview. "I got to take my son to Wrigley Field, which was really cool."

Lopez, who is known for his commitment to his family, was referring to his 10-year-old son Dominic (Nico for short!), who is also in the film and plays a young Brian Ortega.

The father and son duo have clearly enjoyed their time in Chicago together, going over lines together and even taking a time out to attend a couple of Nico’s wrestling and jiujitsu competitions nearby.

“My boy putting in work on the road!” Lopez captioned a series of photos on Instagram. “Acting in a movie & took 1st Place in a wrestling tournament in Chicago today.”

And while filming has currently wrapped in Long Grove, the Lopezes plan to return for a special screening of “My Grown-Up Christmas Wish” in the fall once the film is complete.

"We absolutely love the town," Lopez said. "Everyone is awesome here and has really embraced us. It’s the perfect, quaint, charming holiday town."

“My Grown-Up Christmas Wish” is expected to debut in November, joining the 2024 all-star Great American Christmas lineup which also includes holiday films featuring fan favorites like Candace Cameron Bure, Danica McKellar, Cameron Mathison and Jill Wagner to name a few. Sign up for the Great American Pure Flix Insider email newsletter to hear the latest about the new Great American Christmas movies coming this year!

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