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candace cameron bure my christmas hero
Nov 2, 2023 10:00:00 AM

Christmas Countdown: 8 Weeks of Great Movies to Celebrate Christmas

Christmas is nearly here! To celebrate, here’s your Christmas countdown featuring eight weeks of the best Christian & Christmas movies on Great American Pure Flix. Grab some cookies and hot chocolate and settle down for some holiday fun with the whole family.

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8 Weeks of the Best Christmas Movies

This year, Great American Pure Flix will have an expansive two-month focus on Christmas programming beginning Nov. 1.

“This really is the most wonderful time of the year and an extra-special time for families and friends,” said Bill Abbott, President, and CEO of Great American Media. “We are excited to begin spreading the joy of Christmas to our Great American Pure Flix members with uplifting and inspiring movies and programs in this season.”

Each week, our Christmas movies and shows will center around one theme we're celebrating this holiday season.

Celebrate Christmas with Great American Pure Flix

The holiday season has arrived! This year, we will have a focus on Christmas programming throughout all of November and December. Each week, our Christmas movies and shows will focus on a key theme we can all celebrate this holiday season. Keep reading to learn more.

Week 1: Getting in the Spirit (November 1-5)

Starting November 1, our first week is all about getting in the Christmas spirit. This is the most wonderful time of the year, so sit back and let Great American Pure Flix help you find the hope and heart of Christmas!

Streaming November 1: B&B Merry


Tracey a travel blogger is invited by Graham Cooper to a Christmas getaway for the family's small bed and breakfast. B&B is facing tough competition from a hotel resort that has been stealing guests and threatening the survival of the family business.

Watch "B&B Merry" available on Great American Pure Flix starting November 1.

Starting November 2: 'Twas the Text Before Christmas


Addie mistakenly receives a text from “Nana.” The accidental text turns into a loving friendship between Nana and Addie who now communicate regularly. Nana invites Addie to spend the holiday in Vermont. Nana’s single son, James, is also home for the holidays. Over the years, can they begin to see each other in a different light?

Starring Merritt Patterson and Trevor Donovan, watch "'Twas the Text Before Christmas" November 2 by becoming a Great American Pure Flix member today.

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Week 2: Celebrate Family (November 6-12)

Starting November 6, celebrate family this holiday season right here on Great American Pure Flix. Gather everyone together and enjoy movies that remind us there’s nothing better than the love of family.

Buttons: A Christmas Tale - Available November 8


Follow the heartwarming journey of two orphan girls whose only wish is to find a home for Christmas. With a little help from their guardian angels, they discover miracles can happen when you believe.

Featuring Dick Van Dyke and Dame Angela Lansbury, watch "Buttons: A Christmas Tale" on Great American Pure Flix starting November 8. Not a member? Sign up for your free trial.

A Brush with Christmas - Available November 9


Over the week leading up to Christmas, Charlotte tries to capture her own unique style in the local art scene while also helping her mother, run the family restaurant. Disheartened and struggling to find time for her art, Charlotte throws out her latest painting, only to discover that it has been anonymously submitted to the Christmas art festival.

Watch "A Brush with Christmas," starring Jillian Murray, starting November 9, by becoming a Great American Pure Flix member today.

Starting November 10: Christmas Keepsake


A father bonds with his daughter and stumbles upon an unexpected romance while tracking down the original owner of a Christmas time capsule.

Starring Jillian Murray from "An Unlikely Angel," watch "Christmas Keepsake" starting November 10 by becoming a Great American Pure Flix member today.

Legacy Peak


Jason is on an adventure to win the hearts of Noelle’s kids before they marry. But when the plan falls apart and they struggle to survive, the new family's faith will be tested before they can start a life together.

Starring Lucas Black, stream "Legacy Peak" now by becoming a Great American Pure Flix member today.

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A Christmas ... Present 


Is it really Christmas without a Candace Cameron Bure movie? Real-estate mom Maggie Larson takes her family to spend Christmas with her brother and his daughter, who have different expectations for their holidays.

Watch "A Christmas ... Present" today on Great American Pure Flix.

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VeggieTales: It's a Meaningful Life


It was the biggest football game of his life and Stewart (Larry the Cucumber) had a chance to win it all. Injured in one bad play, his hopes of playing in the Salad Bowl - and living a life of fame and fortune - are dashed forever. Years later, silly-but-sweet Stewart loves his family, friends and job at the toy train factory, but still wonders "what if" things had been different.  Find out in this story of wonder and a lesson in being content.

Gather the family around and watch "VeggieTales: It's a Meaningful Life" today.

Week 3: Celebrate the Taste of the Season (November 13-19)

Thanksgiving week means LOTS of yummy, homemade holiday food, which means there's no better time to celebrate the taste of the season! Take a big bite of this week’s entertaining offerings!

A Christmas Blessing - Starting November 16


Renowned TV star Mandy Gilmore (Loughlin) says goodbye to her hit culinary series, A World of Food, with plans to travel the globe dining in all 142 Michelin-star restaurants. Before jetting to Paris, Mandy stops in Milwaukee with the deed to her deceased aunt’s food pantry, Angel’s Fare, recently purchased by the adjacent business owner, Adam Carraway (Tupper). A simple transaction. Until pantry volunteer, Otto Nessen (Hutch) reminds all that Aunt Susie’s love of cooking was truly a love of feeding and inspires one more holiday feast for those who need it most. Haul out the holly! For we need a little Christmas now.

Starting November 17 - A Dash of Christmas


To apply for her dream job at a foodie startup, an executive must learn to bake. When she recruits a handsome baker to help her, she inadvertently ends up entering a Christmas Bakeoff.

Starting November 17, watch "A Dash of Christmas" with the whole family.

Week 4: Celebrate Romance (November 20-26) 

Love is in the air at Christmastime! Take some time for yourself or for you and your loved ones to enjoy some heartwarming movies.

Starting November 22: Destined at Christmas


Kim and Theo meet in the midst of Black Friday shopping madness but there’s a definite spark between them. When a power outage causes some panic at a store, the couple gets separated. Though Christmas is coming, neither Kim nor Theo can forget the other. Both yearn to find each other but how with so little information to go on?

Watch "Destined at Christmas" available on Great American Pure Flix November 22.

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Christmas on Windmill Way - Starting November 23


In Christmas on Windmill Way, Mia Miejer excitedly anticipates the Christmas Market Fest Dutch Bake-Off competition and is filled with confidence her Mimi will win the festival’s top prize with her award-winning Kerststol when she learns Mimi has difficult news to share. It’s an especially tough pill for Mia to swallow when she learns the land developer’s representative is her former boyfriend who also must let Mia and Ann know the agreement includes the Inn and sawmill, all of which will be torn down.

Watch "Christmas on Windmill Way" on Great American Pure Flix starting November 23.

Week 5: Celebrate Coming Home (November 27-December 3)

November 27 - December 3 we're celebrating families being reunited for the holidays. “I’ll be home for Christmas” is everyone’s hope. Enjoy movies that help us feel like we’re home, no matter where we are.

Destined 2: Christmas Once More - Streaming November 30 


Theo and Kim's relationship is back in the spotlight in this sequel! Theo continues to miss connecting with his girlfriend, Kim as he attempts to propose at Christmas.

Stream "Destined 2: Christmas Once More" is available November 30 only on Great American Pure Flix.

My Christmas Hero - Streaming December 1


In "My Christmas Hero," US Army reservist and orthopedic physician, Nicole Ramsey (Bure) is dedicated to serving military service members and their families at the Joint Military Base in Lacey, Washington, home of I Corps and the 62nd Airlift Wing. This Christmas, with the help of many dedicated heroes, Dr. Ramsey is on a mission to honor a special fallen soldier and bring much-needed healing to her own family.

Stream "My Christmas Hero," starring Candace Cameron Bure, starting December 1.

Week 6: Celebrate Christmas Wishes (Dec 4-10)

While it’s better to give than to receive, we all have wishes at Christmastime. Great American Pure Flix has the movies that will touch your heart’s desires during the week of December 4 - 10 when we celebrate Christmas wishes.

Starting December 7: Our Christmas Wedding


In the sequel, roles reverse as Nicole’s boss plans newly engaged Nicole and Michael’s  wedding in two weeks at Christmas.

Watch "Our Christmas Wedding" starting December 7 only on Great American Pure Flix.

Peppermints & Postcards - Starting December 8


When a Christmas letter concerning her love life goes viral, one mom discovers that romance might be right at her door.

Catch "Peppermints & Postcards" starting December 8 on Great American Pure Flix.

Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace


Second chances start when a hardened criminal crosses paths with a precocious little girl who is helped by an angel to change hearts during the holiday season.

Stream "Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace" the week of Christmas Wishes only on Great American Pure Flix.

Week 7: Celebrate Christmas Miracles (Dec 11-17)

Even if you don’t live on 34th Street, we all need reminders that Christmas is the season of miracles.

Santa, Maybe


Can theater director, Lila, rise to the challenge of putting on the perfect Christmas ballet, while also discovering her office Secret Santa in the process?

Starting December 14, stream "Santa, Maybe" only on Great American Pure Flix.

A Royal Christmas Holiday - Streaming December 15


In search of her big break, a reporter arranges a Christmas interview with a European Prince visiting the states. Will the reporter’s big story become her love story?

Watch "A Royal Christmas Holiday" on Great American Pure Flix starting December 15.

Karen Kingsbury's A Thousand Tomorrows


From #1 New York Times best-selling author Karen Kingsbury, only God knows how many tomorrows we have left. In the dangerous and competitive rodeo world, how will Cody and Ali make the most of their time together?

Get your tissues ready - stream all 6 episodes of "A Thousand Tomorrows" during the week of Christmas Wishes here on Great American Pure Flix.

Week 8: Celebrate Keeping Christ in Christmas (Dec 18-24)

He truly is the reason for the season. Celebrate Jesus with great movies and programs on Great American Pure Flix … and Merry Christmas!



Country singer Will Brown pushed away his family, fame and faith after his wife’s death. It’s his daughter and a talented horse trainer who show him strength, forgiveness and grace to live life again.

Starring country music artist, Granger Smith, stream "Moonrise" the week of Christmas day only on Great American Pure Flix.

That wraps up our list of what's coming to Great American Pure Flix this month! Let us know what you'll be watching! We hope and pray that this holiday season blesses you and your family. For more inspiration and movie recommendations, sign up for the Great American Pure Flix Insider email newsletter.


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