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Feb 29, 2024 1:41:02 PM

Why Audiences Will Love New Great American Pure Flix Series ‘County Rescue’

At a time when it’s nearly impossible to find quality, uplifting shows on television that the whole family can enjoy, “County Rescue,” the new Great American Original series, is a welcome arrival for streamers. And that’s exactly how executive producers Shawn Boskie and Brian Baugh planned it. (Ps - the second episode is released on Great American Pure Flix this Friday, March 1!)

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“[Audiences] want to come home from work and they want to binge watch multiple seasons of characters that they love,” Boskie explained in a recent interview. “‘County Rescue’ has that. Medical dramas tend to draw an audience in. You get to follow these characters through their trials and their victories. That’s why I’m so enthusiastic about this.”

“County Rescue” tells the story of an EMS unit who go beyond the call to save lives while navigating their own life, love, and faith. The series features an exceptionally talented cast that includes Great American Pure Flix veteran Brett Varvel (“Running the Bases,” “Vindication”), who describes the show as “inspirational,” and yet “very relatable” in terms of how the group of EMTs tackle their jobs and the everyday struggles of life through a faith lens, which is something that Boskie and Baugh were very intentional about. 

“I really care about seeing how God is in the story,” Boskie said. “And that's the life that we live [as Christians] -- we don't walk around telling everybody about Jesus at every moment. But the Lord does influence our life profoundly. So I was excited to see a series come together where the characters were integrating their faith. The format is just built for some adventure and some adversity.”

“My hope is that [faith] always comes out in an organic way and is something that’s consistent with the characters,” added Baugh, who also wrote and directed the show. “So, knowing the audience, we created characters that have that leaning. Our artistic hope was that nothing would be overly forced but that [faith would play] an organic part of their conflicts and what they’re going through in the storyline.”

The series format will also allow fans to get to know the characters on a deeper level, which is something Baugh kept in mind when writing the show. After all, while EMTs are very much everyday heroes who deserve our appreciation and prayers, they are also normal people who lean on each other and support one another through the ups and downs of life.


“I think the TV format [allows] people to go on longer term adventures with great characters,” Baugh explained. “We just really wanted to create – as I think great TV does – just a wonderful group of people that are all different, all have different interests and different personalities. Just seeing this team of EMTs come together and experience life on this very difficult job together, that was really the inspiration.”

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And if all goes according to plan and fans continue to react so positively to the show, there will be a lot more “County Rescue” to come.

“It’s a limited series so, in many ways, it’s kinda like a pilot to see how the audience responds,” Boskie said. “A lot of people across the Great American team are pretty enthusiastic about this and think it’s gonna be well received. In that case, I would hope that the second season would be somewhere around ten to twelve episodes so you really get to explore these characters and their different adventures along the way. That’s what I think we’re hoping for.”

County Rescue” is now streaming on Great American Pure Flix, with the season finale airing March 22! Not yet a member? Start your free trial here.


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