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Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer is a writer and editor with more than 10 years of professional experience. Her work has been featured in Christian Post, The Daily Signal, and Intellectual Takeout. Mayer has a B.A. in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing from Arizona State University.

Blog Post by Marissa Mayer

‘Making a Good Impact on the World’: Why Danica McKellar Loves to Make Christmas Movies

Danica McKellar is no stranger to the world of holiday rom-coms. While her ironic role as ...
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‘A Privilege and Honor’: Candace Cameron Bure Shares Her Experience Working With Her Daughter On Set

Natasha Bure has known that she wanted to be an actress since she was a young teen. And ...
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‘God Put Conviction on My Heart’: How Jesse Hutch’s Faith Has Guided His Acting Career

Jesse Hutch has been in the entertainment business for more than 20 years and a longtime ...
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Candace Cameron Bure Hosts Special Screening of New Christmas Movie Honoring Service Members

Candace Cameron Bure, the unofficial Queen of Christmas, has always loved making spirits ...
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First Look: Luke and Joel Smallbone to Share Family’s ‘Remarkable True Story’ in Upcoming Film

The multitalented Smallbone brothers seem to be everywhere these days. Not only are they ...
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New Kendrick Brothers Movie ‘The Forge’ to Reunite Great American Pure Flix Fan Faves

A first look trailer for the new Kendrick brothers movie “The Forge” dropped this week, ...
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‘I Follow Jesus’: Get to Know Great American Family Star Jesse Hutch

There’s a reason actor Jesse Hutch has become a Christmas movie staple over the years. ...
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‘Full of Joy, Hope and Truth’: Christian Critics Praise New ‘Journey to Bethlehem’ Film

“Journey to Bethlehem,” the highly anticipated musical adaptation of one of the greatest ...
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‘God Provides Us Angels': Karen Abercrombie Shares Faith-Filled Message of Original Christmas Movie

The Nativity is more than just a pretty picture that adorns our greeting cards, front ...
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