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Apr 6, 2024 9:09:14 AM

‘It Makes My Life Meaningful’: Why Cameron Mathison Loves Making Family-Friendly Movies

With more than 25 years in the entertainment industry under his belt, the multi-talented Cameron Mathison has done everything from feature films and daytime television, to working as a news correspondent and even a game show host! But nothing mirrors his own personal life and inspires him quite like making positive, uplifting movies for Great American Family.

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“The movies I do at Great American are very in line with how I like to live. I love to spread positivity and kindness and love and compassion, and, you know, it makes my life meaningful,” Mathison explained in an interview last month. “And when we get to weave that into our films, that’s what it’s all about.”

The 54-year-old actor signed a multi-picture deal with Great American Family in November of last year, after starring alongside fan favorite Jill Wagner in “A Merry Christmas Wish” in 2022.

cameron mathison jill wagner merry christmas wish

“It is very important to me to create well-crafted, beautiful stories,” he said at the time. “I am grateful to be back at Great American Media and to collaborate with some of the best creative teams in entertainment to make heartwarming content everyone can enjoy.”

As a cancer survivor and health aficionado, Mathison knows the value of maintaining a positive outlook. That’s a big part of why focusing his time on projects that uplift is so important to him.

“You can’t go through something like that without it moving you,” Mathison explained in a 2022 interview. “My willingness and desire to help others have really increased my gratitude for enjoying life. I think maybe it’s also influenced my decision to have more balance in my life and not work nonstop … I’ve definitely got a different perspective on life for sure from this experience.”

His words echo the theme of his Faith & Home channel on Great American called “The Happy Life” which he’s contributed to since 2022. His videos cover everything from health and fitness to favorite recipes and the different ways that the father of two finds joy.

“To truly care about others and to cherish others deeply and consider others’ happiness as really important, at least as important as my own happiness … that mindset, for me, just improves all the relationships—with strangers, with people close to me—in my life,” he said in a Faith & Home video titled “Cameron’s Personal Reflections & Intentions.” “And in doing so, also, I end up feeling so much happier and feel like my life has got so much meaning.”

We can’t wait to see what films the partnership with Cameron Mathison has in store for the future! In the meantime, select episodes of “The Happy Life” with Cameron Mathison are currently streaming on Great American Pure Flix for your viewing pleasure!


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