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Nov 9, 2023 9:34:33 AM

15 Christmas Activities for Children

The holidays are a great time each year to make special memories with your entire family, including the young ones! Here are some of our favorite Christmas activities for children that you (and the whole family) will have fun doing with them!

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Christmas Activities for Children

Pick Out the Christmas Tree

Whether you go to a lot or a Christmas tree farm, involve your kids by letting them help pick out the Christmas tree. It will feel like an important task for them and they’ll be more invested and appreciative of helping with the decorations.

Decorate the Christmas Tree

Of course, the only logical thing to do after buying the Christmas tree is to decorate it! Put on some fun Christmas music, grab the ornaments, and let the kids help decorate! Take the time to explain to them any fun or keepsake ornaments that you’ve collected over the years.

Make Popcorn Garland

What’s better than a diversion, decoration, and snack all in one? (Nothing we can think of!) This Christmas activity doesn’t require many materials, and can be the start of a new family tradition. And it’s great on a chilly winter day or during a snowstorm! Need some help getting started? Check out this tutorial.

Visit a Holiday Market

Keeping the kids busy while gift shopping can sometimes be a real challenge. Make it an event for the whole family by visiting a holiday market to do your shopping! (Don’t skip the hot cocoa booth!)

Go Sledding or Ice Skating

Even if you don’t live in a cold-weather region, there are many pop-up ice rinks around the country during the holiday season. Get the kids out of the house and active by going ice skating this winter. And if you live where there’s snow, find a great sledding hill.


Make a Meal or Purchase Food for a Local Shelter

Teaching your children to serve and give to others who are less fortunate is a gift unto itself. After all, it is the season of giving! Let them help make a meal or choose some canned or nonperishable foods to donate to a local shelter. Allow them to come with you when you drop it off, as well.

Drive to See Christmas Lights

It’s amazing what some people can do when it comes to decorating their house with Christmas lights! (Have you seen those houses that sync their light displays to music?) Drive around—or walk if it’s not too cold—and rank your neighborhood favorites as a family.

Make Your Own Advent Calendar

Count down the days of Advent this Christmas season by making your own advent calendar! Advent calendars can help your children remember the reason for the season—as well as providing a fun daily surprise! Not sure where to start? Check out this tutorial.

Build a Model Train

While your children might need adult supervision for this activity, their excitement and joy when ithe train is going around the track is unmatched. Finding a model train kit that’s kid-friendly isn’t hard! Here’s one that is relatively affordable and easy for children to help create.

Host a Gingerbread House-Building Competition

Kids love nothing more than getting their hands dirty, except maybe being able to eat what made them dirty! Grab some gingerbread house-making kits (or gather materials for one), split the family into teams, and have at it! Appoint a judge to declare a winner or let your online friends vote via pictures. Ramp up the competition by setting a time limit.

Plan a Christmas “Crafternoon”

In case you haven’t noticed a theme, there’s plenty of Christmas crafts for kids of all ages. The best thing about this activity? You’ll have a plethora of new decorations for the house once they’re done! Check out this extensive list of Christmas crafts. One of our favorites is gingerbread playdough.

donating toys an unlikely angel

Donate Old Toys

Make room for the new toys and presents that are under the Christmas tree by asking your children to go through their old toys and selecting a few to donate to charity. By donating old toys, your children are helping another child’s dream come true this holiday season.

Read Classic Christmas Tales

Make bedtime stories your chance to share classic tales with your kids. Read them stories like “The Polar Express,” “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas,” “A Christmas Carol,” or many others to your kids. Check out an extensive list of classic Christmas stories here.

Bake Christmas Cookies

No Christmas season is complete without Christmas cookies! Get the children involved for an afternoon of fun! Who doesn’t like decorating cookies knowing a delicious, warm, freshly-baked cookie awaits. Need some ideas? Here’s a list of Christmas cookies to bake with your children.

Pajama Movie Night

There’s nothing better than getting in your favorite holiday pajamas and gathering the family around for a Christmas movie night! We have you covered at Great American Pure Flix with some great Christmas movies that your children will enjoy with you. (Don’t forget the hot cocoa to sip on while you watch.)

However you and your family celebrate the Christmas season, we hope that you have a wonderful and joyful time making new memories. For more inspiration this holiday season, sign up for the Great American Pure Flix Insider email newsletter.


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