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Billy Hallowell Nov 18, 2022 12:00:00 AM 6 min read

Kids Christmas Movies to Watch With Your Children and Grandchildren

Tis the season to celebrate Jesus' birth — and to enjoy wholesome kids Christmas movies with your family! 

We know there are plenty of Christmas movies out there but that they’re all not kids Christmas movies! And what a better way to spend the holiday season than as a family, cuddled up on the couch, watching a movie the entire family can enjoy together! That’s why we created this list of kids Christmas movies that are all right here available now on Pure Flix.

So, if you're a parent or grandparent, gather the whole family for these kids Christmas movies for you to watch, laugh, cry and smile through as a family! You may even just learn a thing or two about the real reason for the season while watching these family friendly kids Christmas movies!

You'll truly love these family friendly Christmas movies, which are now streaming on Pure Flix:

An Angelic Christmas

angelic christmas christmas movies pure flix blog 800px 450px

Miracles come in small packages. The angel Celest enlists two sisters in her quest to earn her angel wings. In a race to Christmas eve, can they bring faith and forgiveness to their town this year?

This kids Christmas movie is definitely a film for all ages! Teens, kids, toddlers and parents alike will all enjoy this sweet family friendly movie celebrating guardian angels and miracles of the holiday season.

Watch the Pure Flix Original and kids Christmas movie, "An Angelic Christmas" now available!


Ace and the Christmas Miracle

ace and the christmas miracle pure flix 800px 450px

In this quirky family comedy, a clumsy con man meets a beautiful mom who hires him to kidnap Ace, a wisecracking racehorse. Full of talking horses, Christmas cheer for the holiday season and even some thrilling horse racing, this kids Christmas movie is sure to be a hit amongst the whole family!

Watch "Ace and the Christmas Miracle" today on Pure Flix.


Miracle on Christmas

Miracle on Christmas kids Christmas movies

During the Christmas holiday, Mary experiences emotional trials that cause her to question her faith until a visitor arrives and her husband receives an unexpected miracle. Full of family Christmas traditions, holiday magic and divine intervention, this is one of the kids Christmas movies you may need to break out the tissues for. Don't worry -- we promise it has an inspirational and hopeful ending!

Watch "Miracle on Christmas" by becoming a Pure Flix member today!

Shoelaces for Christmas

Shoelaces for Christmas kids Christmas movies

After an altercation with her mother, teenager Jennifer has to volunteer at a homeless shelter in the hope she will learn to be compassionate toward others. Through this new experience, Jennifer creates an unlikely bond with the staff and a special guest. Jennifer learns the spirit of giving this holiday season.

This kids Christmas movie is perfect for all ages -- from teens to toddlers. Watch "Shoelaces for Christmas" by becoming a Pure Flix member today!


Operation Christmas List

Operation Christmas List kids Christmas movies

Sometimes, kids Christmas movies involve a little ... mischief. Needless to say, when Barney and his friends sneak into the local department store after hours hoping to use rare toys to swap for things on their lists, they may be mistletoe-ing the line. Things don't go exactly as planned when Forte and his gang of thieves show up. Can scheming Barney and his friends make a plan to save the toy store before it's too late?

Gather your whole family for this cute and innocent comedy kids Christmas movie for all ages! Watch "Operation: Christmas List" with your family by becoming a Pure Flix member today!

Silver Bells

silver bells pure flix blog 800px 450px

This Pure Flix Original family Christian Christmas movie is about an arrogant sportscaster makes one unfortunate mistake at his son's basketball game whose consequence requires community service. Can Bruce be saved by the (jingle) bell. and overcome his competitive nature to learn the power of giving? This kids Christmas movie has a lesson for everyone in the family and inspires us to remember the real reason for the holiday season.

Watch "Silver Bells" by becoming a Pure Flix member today!


Christmas Angel

Christmas Angel kids Christmas movies

This Christmas, Olivia Mead has one wish: that her single mom would find someone that can take the title of husband and dad. Unfortunately, Santa Claus isn't the one who grants this wish, but someone unexpected may just help Olivia and her mom be guided in the right direction. This family friendly kids Christmas movie is fir sure to make the whole family be filled with holiday cheer!

Watch "Christmas Angel" by becoming a Pure Flix member today!

Angels Sing

Angels Sing kids Christmas movies

After being gifted a new house on a street known for its Christmas tradition, father must overcome his past to find the Christmas joy he lost years ago. Starring Harry Connick Jr., Connie Britton, and Willie Nelson, this father and son kids Christmas movie will inspire you and spark that inner holiday spirit. Yule be sorry if you miss this family friendly Christmas movie this year!

Watch "Angels Sing" by becoming a Pure Flix member today!

VeggieTales: It's A Meaningful Life

Veggie Tales It's A Meaningful Life kids Christmas movies

When one bad play hurts Stewart's dreams, he may get the chance he's been hoping for after all. We all know all ages can enjoy and learn from an episode of VeggieTales -- toddlers and teenagers alike! So gather the family, make some hot cocoa and have your elf a merry little Christmas with this family friendly story!

Watch "VeggieTales: It's A Meaningful Life" by becoming a Pure Flix member today!

The King: A Christmas Story

The King kids Christmas movies

Travel on a journey of amazement, wonder, and chaos as two young angels discover the mission of their beloved King. Once disillusioned, they soon learn His mission of mercy and grace. Your toddlers will become extra Santa-mental at hearing Our Savior's story told in this film! This kids Christmas movie is a perfect way to start off your holiday season as a family.

Watch "The King: A Christmas Story" by becoming a Pure Flix member today!

The Chosen Christmas Special: The Shepherd

The Chosen Christmas Special kids Christmas movies

While bringing a lamb acceptable for sacrifice to Bethlehem, a shepherd hears the angelic announcement and is witness to the birth of the Lamb of God. Experience the powerful story of Jesus' birth through the eyes of the shepherd called to visit Our Lord in his manger. This is a kids Christmas movies that will move family members of all ages -- from toddlers, to teens and even the adults! Watching "Christmas with The Chosen" is sure to become a welcomed Christmas tradition.

Watch "The Chosen Christmas Special: The Shepherd" by becoming a Pure Flix member today!

We Three Kings

we three kings pure flix blog 800px 450px

The Fay children can't wait for their Uncle Henry to arrive for Christmas. With the help of Uncle Henry's new song, "We Three Kings", the children learn truths about Jesus and the gifts that were given to Him. This joyful story about the origins of the now-classic, timeless Christmas carol will definitely capture the hearts of the whole family! With messages about having hope and joy during grief and relying on your faith in God, this kids Christmas movie is sure to be a hit during the holiday season.

Watch "We Three Kings" by becoming a Pure Flix member today!

Want more Christian Christmas movies? You're in luck! See the full list of titles here, and get a free Pure Flix trial to watch thousands of faith and family-friendly movies and TV shows today!


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