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What To Watch on Pure Flix: May 2023

Did you know the month of May is the month of merriment? For many areas, flowers are starting to bloom, gardens are being planted and it's time to celebrate moms on Mother's Day and remember and honor the sacrifices of our service members on Memorial Day.


Whatever is in store for you this month, here is a list of movies streaming on Pure Flix that are sure to inspire, encourage and even help strengthen your faith. Check out what's new to watch in May on Pure Flix:

What to Watch May 2023

Courageous - Limited Time Only

courageous movie art what to watch may

From the creators of "Fireproof" comes "Courageous",  an action packed drama with an ALL-NEW ENDING, that will have families laughing and cheering as they are inspired by everyday heroes. Pure Flix fan favorite Alex Kendrick stars in this movie that's back for a limited time only!

Stream "Courageous" by becoming a Pure Flix member today!

For A Limited Time Only: Miracles from Heaven

miracles from heaven key art what to watch may

When 6-year-old Annabel Beam suddenly fell ill with an incurable disease in 2008, her parents were beside themselves, desperately begging God for a miracle. That request was unexpectedly granted when Annabel had an accident and fell inside of a hollowed out tree, experiencing a shocking healing in the process that no one could have imagined.

Stream "Miracles from Heaven," starring Jennifer Garner, by becoming a Pure Flix member today! For a limited time only.

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New AFFIRM Originals & Pure Flix Exclusive: Sun Moon


Our newest AFFIRM Originals film and Pure Flix Exclusive will start streaming May 5! "Sun Moon" follows Kelsey, who is running from failure, heartbreak and humiliation. In an attempt to understand God’s purpose for her life, she goes to Taiwan to teach English. Will her leap of faith pay off?

Stream "Sun Moon" May 5 by becoming a Pure Flix member today!

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rust key art pure flix movies what to watch may

When a former pastor learns that his childhood friend is implicated in starting the fire, he sets out on a mission to find the truth... and in the process, rediscovers his faith. Starring and directed by Corbin Bernsen, this is a movie you don't want to miss!

Stream "Rust" by becoming a Pure Flix member today!

Like Arrows: Pure Flix Exclusive

like arrows pure flix movies what to watch may

From the creators of "Lifemark" and "Overcomer," this is a powerful modern-day family story about the transforming power of God’s grace through even the most overwhelming parenting challenges.

Stream "Like Arrows" by becoming a Pure Flix member today!

Pure Flix Exclusive Movie: Making Him Famous

making him famous pure flix movies what to watch may

Inspirational speaker Mario King pursues fame, but temptation leads him down a path of destruction. When forced to take community service work at a homeless shelter, Mario finds his faith and calling.

Watch "Making Him Famous", starring Cameron Arnett and Lana Silva from "The Chosen," by becoming a Pure Flix member today!

A Champion Hearta champion heart pure flix movies what to watch-may

Our What to Watch this May list wouldn't be complete without a horse movie! In "A Champion Heart," a troubled girl finds faith, hope, and healing through a relationship with a wounded horse.

Stream "A Champion Heart" by becoming a Pure Flix member today!

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Pursuit of Freedom

pursuit of freedom pure flix movies what to watch may

The real life story of a Ukrainian woman who was separated from her three children and sold into trafficking by Russian gangsters. Defying all odds, she survived to be reunited with her children.

Stream "Pursuit of Freedom" by becoming a Pure Flix member today!

Thanks for checking out our what to watch in May on Pure Flix list. If you're not a member yet, don't worry! You can start your free trial and begin streaming these movies and thousands of other faith-focused and family-friendly entertainment options today!


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