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WATCH NOW: Trailer for Action-Packed Franchise 'Revelation Road' to Return

The trailer for the upcoming “Revelation Road” series just dropped, and we’re excited to say that the action-packed franchise based on the Book of Revelation will be back bigger and better than ever. 

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The seven-part series is a continuation of the hit End Times film trilogy, which followed the story of Josh McManus, a man with a violent past and prophesied future who found himself in the midst of deadly chaos directly after the Rapture.

And while the three films covered limited time and space, writer and director Gabriel Sabloff revealed that the upcoming series will drastically expand the scope of the story.

“The ‘Revelation Road’ universe that we’re creating is a big action-adventure series, and we’re taking big swings, and we want it to feel big and expansive,” Sabloff explained in a recent interview. “I’ve designed it so that the world is really big and we bring in all these different characters who have their own lives and are making their own way through the seven-year Tribulation Period as the best they can.”

That’s not to say that the upcoming series will look nothing like its predecessors. In addition to Pure Flix co-founder David A.R. White reprising his role as McManus, the series will also welcome back “Revelation Road” veterans Brian Bosworth as Benn, Andrea Logan as Cat, Hilty Bowen, who plays Sofia, and of course, Bruce Marchiano as The Stranger.

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“I do want to make sure fans know, those who said, ‘Where’s the fourth movie?’ This is the fourth movie,” Sabloff said. “This seven-hour series of seven episodes is the continuation of the story. It’s the broadening of the story.”

“Our series begins with the Rapture [and] goes on from there,” he added. “We wanted to really fill out and expand upon what daily life looks like in the Tribulation Period. There’s the Rapture in which everyone’s taken up who deserves to be, and then the rest are left behind. And then there’s seven years of everyone just trying to figure it out and trying to survive and trying to battle the forces of evil that are inevitably going to take over in the absence of … grace.”

Without giving too much away, the series will put Josh McManus’ faith and battle skills to the test as Biblical prophecies are fulfilled and characters struggle while seeing God work through the absolute worst of times. In the end, Josh will have to learn to depend on God, even when pure evil walks the earth.

“Revelation Road: The Series” will debut later this year exclusively on Pure Flix. If you haven’t seen the film trilogy, be sure to catch up on the adventures of Josh McManus by streaming "Revelation Road" on Pure Flix, followed by "Revelation Road 2: The Sea of Glass and Fire" and "Revelation Road 3: Black Rider."

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