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May 16, 2024 8:00:00 AM

How Mason in 'Mr. Manhattan' Shows Us When God Calls Us to Be Present

Successful lawyer Mason Bradley in “Mr. Manhattan” believes there’s nothing he can’t handle. As an aspiring attorney at a high-profile law firm in the heart of New York City, his life is fast-paced. This is wildly different from the faith and family-focused lifestyle he and his older brother grew up with in the suburbs.

When he suddenly becomes guardian of his young niece and nephew, Mason tries to fit them into his fast-paced lifestyle, which isn’t exactly the most kid-friendly. Despite his love for the kids, Mason is resistant to change his lifestyle just for the sake of the kids because of the aspirations he has for himself.

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It isn’t until he gets some unexpected help that he learns how to humble himself and meld his life with the needs of his new dependents. We’re going to take a look at how Mason’s journey shows us what it means when God asks us to slow down and truly be present in our lives.

When to Recognize that We Need to Slow Down

When Mason first learns the news that he is the guardian of his niece and nephew, he believes he can make his current lifestyle fit for them. In the process, he promises the kids that he has everything under control and also promises his boss that he can keep up with the demands at work and nothing will change.

Mason refuses to ask for help because he believes he can do it all on his own so that his own career and lifestyle aren’t interrupted, and no one else feels burdened. A series of unfortunate events soon makes him realize he has to find help and admit he can’t do it alone.

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God designed us not to go through life on our own - and to be open to raising a family! He never wants us to feel like we have to handle everything alone, put up a front or always keep everything under control. Our reliance on God is integral to having a loving relationship with The Father.

Mason is hesitant to admit that he doesn’t have it all under control because he doesn’t want to look weak. But it’s when we ask God to be our strength and give up control to Him that we can truly be strong and present to what God is doing in our lives.

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How to Humble Ourselves & Submit to the Lord

It takes humility to admit that we cannot do it all alone. When we’re fighting against the Lord’s will for our lives, it becomes much more difficult to continue in that direction. Our stress levels rise, our lives become more chaotic and challenging. It’s only when we finally humble ourselves and ask God to take control of our situation that He leads us to where we are meant to be.

Humility is what finally allows Mason to give up control and ask for help with the kids. That comes in the form of the kids’ babysitter and Mason’s ex-fiance Dani.

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Dani shows Mason how to put the kids’ needs before his own and be present with them. Her care and tenderness gives Mason an example of how to take time and truly be there for the kids. She also encourages the kids to continue praying and sharing the faith with them, knowing that after the tragedy they’ve been through, their faith will help strengthen them during this hard time.

Dani’s encouragement of faith also allows Mason to once again start being open to the Lord’s will for his life. Mason starts realizing that God is calling him to a greater purpose beyond his city slicker, high-profile career: raising his brother’s children.

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How to Take the Time to Be Present

Mason's admittance to giving up control and submitting to God’s will doesn’t mean that he knows immediately what parenting looks like. Dani shows him that what the kids really need is a reliable and constant presence of a father figure in their lives. She shows Mason how to listen to them, how to help them grow and most importantly, how to have fun with them.

God doesn’t want us to live life in such a way that we don’t notice what’s going on around us and aren’t there for the other people in our lives. He wants us to enjoy the season of life He has placed us in and be grateful for each moment in this life He gives us. He has a unique purpose and path for every one of us that He wants us to be present to each and every step along the way.

Transitioning from such a fast-paced lifestyle isn’t the easiest thing for Mason. But again, humility helps him to recognize that he has a lot to learn - both about the kids and about parenting.

His love for his niece and nephew is what drives him to learn how to be there for them and results in him taking the necessary steps and making decisions that are best for them. Putting their needs above his own is how he chooses to be present in their lives and love them the best way he can.

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