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May 10, 2024 7:57:00 AM

Celebrate Mother's Day with Examples of Motherly Love in These Pure Flix Movies

Here at Great American Pure Flix, we love moms. Mothers are often the first ones we run to when we need a hug, when we are hurt or even when we're hungry and need a snack. They nurture us, love us, pray for us and usually anticipate our needs before we even realize what we're looking for. What better way to celebrate Mother's Day this year than with some of the best moms featured in Great American Pure Flix Original and Exclusive movies?!

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Here's a list of our favorite moms found in your favorite Great American Pure Flix Original and Exclusive movies and shows:

Kay from 'The Blind'

kay the blind

As we see in "The Blind," Kay was very influential in Phil Robertson's life ever since they met in high school. She was also the one who introduced him to the faith. Phil himself has admitted that he wouldn't have changed and become the man he is today without the strong woman Kay has been over the years.

While Phil was out late nights partying, Kay looked after the children. When Phil kicked her and the kids out of the house, Kay found them shelter at Phil sister's house. Kay was the glue that held their family together when Phil wasn't around. She was also the one who gave Phil a second chance at being a father and husband after his conversion. Because of Kay, the Robertson family has been able to get through the toughest struggles in their lives and do it while still being grateful to God for all they have.

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Lainie from 'A Harvest Homecoming'

lainie and mrs granger

Lainie is a single mother who is new to the town of Chesnut Hallow in "A Harvest Homecoming." Wanting the best life for her son, she finds a new job as manager of a local apple orchard and cider mill. As a single mother, she knows that anyone she brings into her life also has to be a good fit for her son. She doesn't want anyone who isn't going to be a reliable mentor and stable figure in her son's life. Putting her son's needs above her own is an admirable quality in a mother.

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Cyndi Bunch from '5000 Blankets'

cyndi bunch bedtime 5000 blankets moms we love at pure flix

From the very beginning, Cydni shows how selfless and giving she is as a single mother to her son, Phillip. Her care and tenderness towards both him and her husband (who goes missing after experiencing a mental health episode) are seen through her time spent praying and tending to Phillip's needs.

Her most selfless act is helping Phillip make his wish of collecting blankets for those who experience homelessness come true. As a single parent, Cyndi works to provide for herself and her son but also starts working full-time planning and organizing a blanket drive, collection and donation at Phillip's request. Her selflessness, heart for charity and love for her family are why Cyndi Bunch made the list of moms we love at Great American Pure Flix.

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Olivia Walton from The Waltons' Specials

olivia walton

Olivia is the perfect picture of a family matriarch: loving, sweet, compassionate, religious — who would do anything for her family and home. Often opposite of her husband’s lax parenting style, she’s the one who instills discipline and manners in the Walton children.

Over the course of the series, Olivia changes from being strict and doting to allowing her children to grow and make their own decisions. Actress Michael Learned who played Olivia recently reflected on her character’s growth over the course of the series.

Watch Olivia in "Mother's Day on Walton's Mountain" now on Great American Pure Flix.

Sarah Daniels from 'A Thousand Tomorrows'

ali daniels parents at wedding a thousand tomorrows mother pure flix-movies

We all know and love Ali Daniels, the fearless barrel racer from  Karen Kingsbury's "A Thousand Tomorrows," but she wouldn't be able to do what she loves without the support and care of her mother while on the road. Ali's mom, Sarah, ensures Ali stays safe and healthy during competitions and watches out for any signs of complications from Ali's illness. We can tell how much Ali values her mother's opinion by telling Cody that he needs to talk to her mother before they can have any type of relationship. Sarah's response and reaction to Cody, as well as her care and love toward Ali, are why she's on our list of favorite Great American Pure Flix mothers!

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Becky Travis from 'Vindication'

becky travis vindication mother pure flix movies

Yet another favorite Pure Flix Original series, "Vindication," couldn't go unacknowledged! Becky Travis, Detective Travis' wife, is definitely a beloved supporting character. She is the first person Detective Travis comes to when there are difficult cases at work and when things trouble him. She encourages and supports him, talking to him tenderly while also speaking the truth he needs to hear - even if it's hard. Becky is the bridge between Travis and their estranged daughter and his mother; she listens to both sides and helps them understand the other. Her faith, compassion, empathy and love for her family are why we love this mother here at Pure Flix.

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Amy Fleming from 'Heartland'

heartland- amber marshall amy fleming

Of course, we have to save a spot for our favorite female lead of "Heartland," Amy Fleming. Amy doesn't become a mother until season 11, but her motherly instincts are definitely honed by her care for horses at the ranch and by her relationship with her cousin, Georgie. Amy is fearless, strong, capable, positive and faithful. By the time her baby, Lyndy, is born, Amy is more than ready for motherhood. In addition to caring for her baby, she still is a supportive and loving spouse to Ty, encouraging him in his career and continuing her own work on the ranch. With the loving support of her family, Amy is able to balance it all! 

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Janie from 'An Unlikely Angel'

janie and husband with new baby motherhood

In juxtaposition to Amy, who was well-equipped for motherhood, Janie in "An Unlikely Angel" feels very unprepared for what lies ahead in the final days of her pregnancy. As a workaholic, Janie is very focused on her career and isn't sure if motherhood will get in the way of that. When an angel hears her prayer and fast forwards her life, Janie realizes what she could miss out on with her daughter if she didn't make motherhood a priority. She learns to slow down, spend quality time with her daughter and prioritizes family over her career. The lessons Janie learns through her motherhood are why she's made our list of mothers we love!

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Elise from 'Heaven Sent'

elise and derek heaven sent pure flix blog

We know that Elise is actually Derek's grandmother in "Heaven Sent," but she is a key parental figure in Derek's life. Elise, played by Pure Flix favorite Karen Abercrombie, raised Derek while running her own small business. When she accepted the responsibility of raising Derek, she made him her first priority in her life, no matter what. They became best friends. We get a peak of Elise's former life - before grand-parenthood - when it's revealed she used to be an iconic pop singer. Her dedication to raising Derek and making his well-being her first concern in her life are why we honor her motherhood!

Watch the Great American Pure Flix Original movie, "Heaven Sent," now.

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That wraps up our list of mothers we love in Great American Pure Flix Original and Exclusive movies and shows. To watch all the shows and movies mentioned, be sure to sign up (for both you and your mom!) your free 7-day trial of Great American Pure Flix. And don't forget to show your mom just how much you appreciate her and all she does this Mother's Day.


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