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May 28, 2024 7:22:44 AM

Danica McKellar Reveals How Jesus Gave Her New Appreciation for Life’s ‘Ordinary’ Moments

Danica McKellar has been in the acting business since she was nine years old. And over the years, the child star picked up plenty of tips and tricks of the trade that have made her such a gifted actress.  

But one of those tips has taken on new meaning for the now-49-year-old ever since she became a Christian in the spring of 2022, a fact she shared in a recent video as part of her Bits of Joy series available under Faith & Home on Great American Pure Flix.

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“I want to talk a little bit about appreciating the moment and how to think of something very ordinary as extraordinary—both in my acting world and also in life,” McKellar said in the video. “When I get a script, you know one of these movies, these great movies for Great American Family that I love making so much, you kind of find the really important scenes… But then there are all the in between moments. There can be a dangerous tendency to think ‘Oh, well those [little moments] aren’t like the important scenes.’”

What the actress started doing many years ago was considering how those little moments that may at first seem inconsequential could actually be one of the most important scenes in the movie. By doing so, she gained a new appreciation and understanding for those scenes and how they added to the big picture, which she noted is also important in our own lives—especially for Christians. 

“The writers of these movies don't put any extra scenes in there. They’re all important. We just have to discover why we might have to pay a little more attention to some of them,” McKellar explained. “So who’s the writer in life? We participate, but it’s God. God doesn’t put any moments in our lives that aren’t important. Maybe we just haven’t learned how to recognize that.”

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Whether it’s doing the dishes at home or visiting a food truck on screen (a scene from her 2022 Great American film “Christmas at the Drive-In”) McKellar said that changing her perspective around those seemingly ordinary moments helped her find more fulfillment in her life and work.  

“I love the idea of asking these questions and then sort of inviting the answer, and waiting patiently and exploring that,” she said. “I’ve heard this similar idea and that is ‘Everything that’s ever happened to you in your life has prepared you for this moment right now.’ And that’s true, in no matter what the moment is, so that’s one way to think about it. Another way to think about it is ‘Why might this be the most important moment in my life?’ I just haven’t discovered what that is or how to take advantage of it—how to fulfill that importance.”

Over the past couple of years, McKellar has made a habit of sharing what she’s learning in her walk with God through her Great American Community videos. In fact, she recently read through the entire Bible in a year, and regularly shared what she was thinking about and discerning as she read through passages like “The Lord’s Prayer” and the story of Joseph

If you haven’t yet had a chance to watch McKellar’s Faith and Home videos on Great American Pure Flix and are in the mood for some encouragement, this is a great place to start.

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