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Dec 8, 2023 1:00:00 AM

‘Making a Good Impact on the World’: Why Danica McKellar Loves to Make Christmas Movies

Danica McKellar is no stranger to the world of holiday rom-coms. While her ironic role as Winnie Cooper on “The Wonder Years” first introduced her to the world of “good-natured” and “wholesome” entertainment, the star has since carved out a niche for herself in the family friendly film genre. And for good reason.

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“These movies make you feel good,” McKellar explained in a recent appearance on Good Morning Dallas alongside Great American Family CEO Bill Abbott. “They're about a simpler time almost. It shows you the best in human nature, these movies. And what makes them so good and so needed is that they don't have any real bad guys. No one's taking advantage of each other. It's people who are in earnest trying to make their way through life.”

McKellar noted that Great American Family has been the fastest growing network on television over the last 12 consecutive months, which she and Abbott chalked up to the quality of the films on the network, from the storylines and sets, to the overall feelings they evoke from the audience.

“People say, ‘Oh, these movies are such a great escape.’ Yes, they are an escape, but I believe they're more than that because they model aspirational behavior and you feel so good while you're watching them and that feeling lasts,” McKellar said. “I think that we're actually making a good impact on the world."

And while there’s nothing like watching a heartwarming Christmas movie to get into the holiday spirit, McKellar also likes to keep her focus on the real reason for the season: Jesus. She’s set to share an Advent devotional right here on Great American Pure Flix to help mark the four-week period leading up to Christmas that serves as a time to reflect and wait on the birth of Jesus Christ. Fan favorite Jesse Hutch helped us observe week one, and it was incredibly heartfelt and thought provoking. Get them right to your inbox each week by signing up for the Great American Pure Flix Insider email newsletter.


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