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Dec 13, 2023 8:52:24 AM

Jen Lilley Shares Biblical Truth that Inspires Her to Help Kids in Need

Nothing quite encompasses the joy of the Christmas season like bringing a smile to a child’s face—something that actress Jen Lilley knows well. That’s a big part of why she co-founded Christmas Is Not Cancelled in 2020.

“It started as a one-time campaign during the pandemic because I felt so helpless. You know, I wanted to help, I didn’t know how, I think everyone can relate to that kind of same feeling in the world right now,” Lilley explained in a recent interview. “It just exploded and grew into this movement so I could not even tell you how many people we have involved.”

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The action-oriented company, which partners with charities like Toys for Tots and Childhelp, is committed to spreading holiday cheer to children and families living in poverty all year long—but especially at Christmas. This year, the goal is to get 25,000 toys for kids in need while spreading a bit of peace, joy and love that is synonymous with the Christmas season.

“I have Jesus, I love Jesus and I know Jesus loves me. I know that every single person, I truly believe, is born on purpose for a purpose. So I have a lot of hope. And I have a lot of peace,” Lilley said. “My life’s really been changed by that, and it’s just funny what God will do when you try to build other people up. He’s so kind to make it grow and become something more than what you thought.”

The actress is well-known for her heart for children and is a staunch advocate for providing loving homes for children in need through fostering and adoption. In fact, two of the four kids she shares with her husband of 15 years are adopted.

“These are children who have found themselves in a horrible system that's completely broken because of somebody else's choice, because of a choice somebody else made,” she said. “And so I'm really passionate about that.”

And while not everyone is called to foster or adopt, everyone is called to do what they can for the most vulnerable among us. That’s why Christmas is Not Cancelled provides the perfect opportunity for anyone who loves Christmas—especially Lilley’s Christmas movie streaming right here on Great American Pure Flix—to get involved and make a difference.

“I think 2023 has felt a lot like 2020. I think it feels very disheartening, all the things that are going on in the world, and divisive,” Lilley noted. “And I think people really need uplifting content. I’m really proud to be part of something that’s healing for people.”

You can catch Lilley in “B&B Merry” with Jesse Hutch right here on Great American Pure Flix!

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