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Oct 12, 2023 12:00:00 AM

The Best Police & Cop Movies & TV Shows

Police and law enforcement-themed shows and movies are popular — and with good reason! Police movies and cop shows provide a mixture of drama, suspense and excitement. They are sure to entertain, inspire and keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

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With that in mind, we wanted to assemble a list of the best police movies and shows streaming right now on Great American Pure Flix. These exciting films and TV series offer powerful entertainment.

Best Powerful Cop TV Shows

Vindication - Third Season Now Streaming


First, let's take a look at the fan favorite cop show, "Vindication." It's a faith-based crime drama that follows the investigative work of Detective Gary Travis, played by Todd Terry. "Vindication" is a cop show that will leave you intrigued and entertained — and in the mix there are some important biblical lessons that can help us navigate our own lives. And we're happy to announce that the third season is finally streaming on Great American Pure Flix.

WATCH: The Trailer for Season 3 of "Vindication"

If you want more information about this powerful cop show, consider watching our Insider Inspirations video, where we break down just some of the lessons you'll learn from the first season of "Vindication":

Ties That Bind

Ties That Bind Cop Shows Pure Flix

Hard-nosed detective Allison McLean tries to balance work, her husband and being a mother to her two children when she forced to step up when her brother is sent to prison. As a result, she desires to foster his two teenage children. Allison and her family must adjust to their new situation and band together -- but can she still balance it all while fighting crime?

Watch "Ties That Bind" on Great American Pure Flix today.

Top Police Movies

Now that we've explored some law enforcement and cop series, let's look at the best police movies streaming right now on Great American Pure Flix:

Fearless Faith

fearless faith police movie

Officer Shep, played by Ben Davies, sets out on a courageous mission to lay his life down and save his partner when Colton, a respected sheriff's deputy, begins to question his faith. This is one of the police movies you don't want to miss! 

Stream "Fearless Faith" now available on Great American Pure Flix.



When Lieutenant Morgan and his armed force arrive on the scene of a church hostage situation, James weighs his options for an escape while Elizabeth makes it her mission to save his life. Lieutenant Morgan is played by fan favorite, Kevin Sorbo in this movie that isn't short on neither action nor faith elements.

"Forgiven" is available to stream on Great American Pure Flix.

Badge of Faith

Cop Shows

Based on a true story, "Badge of Faith" is one of the police movies you can stream right now on Great American Pure Flix. Bryan Lawrence is a cop dedicated to protect and serve. After a near fatal attack, Bryan finds himself in a whole new world — one where he is completely helpless. The doctors say he will never walk again, but Bryan puts his faith in God. This action movie explores the question: "Whoever told you that life was fair?"

Stream "Badge of Faith" today. Not a member? Start your FREE trial to Great American Pure Flix.


Break Every Chain

break every chain police movies

Drowning in the depths of depression and sadness, burning with anger, and chained down by alcoholism, Jonathan couldn’t do it anymore. After the loss of his father as a young boy, facing countless horrific death scenes in the line of duty, and the death of his son, Jonathan turned to the world for answers—finding only darkness. Facing the threat of losing his job as a police officer, the loss of his wife and daughter, and contemplating suicide, Jonathan turns to faith and finds hope and redemption. This police movie stars Dean Cain and is based on a true story.

Watch "Break Every Chain" now on Great American Pure Flix.

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Home of the Brave


The lives of two young men collide in an unexpected way. It's a film about a war veteran who returns home eager to make his dreams for an after-school program a reality and a confident, new cop who realizes he's not as prepared for the job as he thought. "Home of the Brave" is among the best police and action movies available to stream today.

Watch "Home of the Brave" right now on Great American Pure Flix.

This wraps our list of cop shows and police movies. Want even more entertainment? There's no shortage of faith and family-friendly content streaming right now on Great American Pure Flix. Sign up for a free trial.


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