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Laura Woodworth

Laura Woodworth is a development executive for Cooke Media Group in Los Angeles and an award-winning writer-producer-director with a B.A. in Ministerial Studies and postgraduate work in UCLA’s Professional Program in Producing Film and Television.

Blog Post by Laura Woodworth

Heaven Is a Real Place: What The Bible Says About Heaven

You don’t have to be a Christian to have questions about heaven. The afterlife is a topic ...
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Coping with Loss and Grief During the Holidays – Christmas Hope for Your Sadness

“Firsts” can be hard when you’re dealing with loss and grief, especially during the ...
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Easter Traditions to Build Your Family’s Faith: 10 Activities for Resurrection Day 2022

“It’s the best day ever,” exclaimed my granddaughter. She’s only six, but she already ...
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Times of Refreshing for Your Weary Soul: Bible Verses for a Spring Renewal

Are you weary? Feeling physically and emotionally drained? It’s been a hard couple of ...
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How Your Faith Testimony Can Change the World

Do you know how important your faith testimony is? Telling others your story of God’s ...
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How To Be Counterculture: 10 Bible Verses for Following Jesus

Go against the flow. Dare to be different. These clichés make great bumper stickers. But ...
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Faith In Entertainment: Is Social Media Affecting Your Teen's Mental Health?

Are you worried about the effect social media has on your teen and their mental health? ...
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Faith In Entertainment: Are Your Kids Watching Too Much TV?

When my kids were little, it was easy to keep the TV off. We reserved TV watching for ...
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Faith In Entertainment: How To Establish Healthy Screen Time For Kids & Family

Are your kids overstimulated by too much screen time? Is your family fighting the war of ...
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