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coach praying at home base in running the bases
Apr 5, 2024 8:28:00 AM

Spring Sport Movies to Stream on Great American Pure Flix

Longer days are here! And one way to prepare for spring is to get ready for the spring sports season. With spring comes baseball season, March Madness and so many more ways to get outside! Whether you participate in sports, watch from the sidelines or just enjoy a heartfelt come-from-behind tale, this list of spring movies is for you.

Here are just some of the spring sports movies available to stream on Great American Pure Flix right now – subscribe today!

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Spring Sports Movies on Great American Pure Flix

Nothing is Impossible

nothing is impossible

Take a center-court seat to a journey of transformation as Scott Beck gets a second chance at life and love. Can he let go of past pains and open himself to God’s purpose? Or will new challenges keep him from the future he always hoped for? “Nothing is Impossible” is a movie about how to trust in God’s timing when it seems like none of our desires are being fulfilled in the way we hoped.

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Running the Bases

running the bases

A small-town baseball coach uproots his family to coach at a large school but it gets ugly when the superintendent makes him the target of his anger toward God. This spring baseball movie is filled with a star-studded cast - including Brett Varvel from "County Rescue" and Todd Terry from "Vindication." "Running the Bases" is an inspirational movie about fortitude, keeping the faith and how to be Christ to others.

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Pitching Love & Catching Faith

pitching love and catching faith

Falling in love wasn't a part of their plan...but now Tyler must choose between his dream, and Heather. And she must choose between love, and loneliness. For those who like a little love story mixed in with their spring season, this one is for you!

Watch "Pitching Love and Catching Faith" now on Great American Pure Flix.

The Investigator

The Investigator Spring Sport Movies Pure Flix

Inspired by true events, a veteran police detective becomes a criminal justice teacher and baseball coach at a local high school, leading him to the most important investigation of his life. This movie shows the power of prayer and what it truly means to keep the faith.

Stream "The Investigator" right now on Great American Pure Flix.


Never Quit

Never Quit Spring Sport Movies Pure Flix

Never Quit is a victorious story of a female athlete whose rise to stardom and popularity suddenly misses the shot. Discover how we don't always understand God's plan, but realize everything happens for a reason.

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One Hit From Home

One Hit From Home Spring Sport Movies Pure Flix

An ex-baseball star finds solace through a friendship with a college baseball player. Together, they come to peace with their dark pasts. "One Hit From Home" is about redemption, second chances and God's mercy.

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My Many Sons

My Many Sons Spring Sport Movies Pure Flix

Following the true story of legendary basketball coach, who despite becoming wheelchair-bound after a nearly fatal car wreck, goes on to become the most winning basketball coach in NCAA history.

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Full Count

Full Count Spring Sport Movies Pure Flix

Life throws a young baseball player a serious curve ball when he has to abandon his college baseball aspirations to deal with a tragedy that puts the fate of his family and their farm in jeopardy.

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That rounds out our list of spring sports movies available to stream on Great American Pure Flix. Be sure to become a member and start your free trial today!


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