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Marissa MayerAug 17, 2022 12:00:00 AM2 min read

Fox News Sunday' Host Gives Thanks to God for His Guidance Throughout Her Career

Shannon Bream understands that there are moments when we have to look back at where we came from in order to truly see and give thanks for God’s fingerprints and handiwork in our lives.

As she recently shared on social media, the author, former beauty queen, and newly-minted “Fox News Sunday” host recognizes she’s come a long way since she first started out in television. And thanks God for putting her in the right place at the right time for all the opportunities she’s received.


“Y’all I got fired from my first tv job, by a man who told me I was the worst person he’d ever seen on tv,” she wrote on Twitter over the weekend. “He also told me I’d never make it in this business. I was humiliated. I cried … a lot. I prayed … a lot. That man did me a favor.”

Bream admitted that the tough love forced her to turn to God, not only to remind herself of her worth in Christ, but also to get real with herself about developing her skills as a young person working in front of the camera.”

“I got a healthy serving of humility, and learned that God often allows us to walk through valleys — for our own good,” she said. “There is always room for improvement, and believe me I needed it.”

This wasn’t the first time the former beauty queen shared how God had sustained her through some intense trials. In 2013, Bream revealed that she had struggled with suicidal thoughts due to a genetic condition that causes extreme dry eyes and pain. She described it as “like someone stabbing me in the eye” and admitted that “he fact that suicide didn’t sound crazy and irrational to me was a wake-up call.”

But recent events and overwhelming gratitude reminded her that God is there in the good times and bad - He never leaves us no matter what is going on in our lives.

“God walks with us through our deepest sorrows, and celebrates with us on our mountaintops. Our circumstances may change, but He never will,” she said. “I’m feeling especially grateful for that this week, and can’t wait to start my new adventure on Fox News Sunday.”

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