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Divine Influencer

Streaming September 15th
Starring Lara Silva from The Chosen
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Stepping Into Love

Streaming on Pure Flix
Starting August 25th


Our Top Favorite Quotes from Our Favorite Characters in 'Stepping into Love'

We love a good movie with some memorable quotes. Which is exactly what you’ll find in ...
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5 Great Movies and TV Series for Sunday School Lessons

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Lara Silva Shares Her Prayer for the Pure Flix Original Movie, 'Divine Influencer'

Sometimes, you have to lose everything in order to surrender to God’s plan for your life ...
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Jill Wagner Shares How to Turn the Unexpected into Beautiful Blessings

Jill Wagner may have got her start as the on-field host for the game show “Wipeout” where ...
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Jen Lilley Celebrates Collecting Nearly 3,000 Backpacks for Kids in Need

While Christmas in July may be over, thousands of kids are celebrating as they head back ...
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8 Bible Verses About Heaven and Eternity

Heaven is among the many themes Christians discuss and observe as they read through the ...
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Our Favorite & Most Impactful Quotes from 'Divine Influencer'

Has anyone ever said anything to you in a moment where you just wish you had a pen and ...
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Lessons From 'Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters' to Encourage All Parents

Being a father (or parent) is one of the greatest callings God can give us. The ...
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20 Best Movies to Watch With The Whole Family

Finding a family friendly movie that is appealing to everyone can be difficult. What's ...
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