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Lucas Black Shares 3 Lessons from ‘Birthright Outlaw’ on Fatherhood, Family Life & God

The latest Great American Pure Flix Original film, “Birthright Outlaw,” is now streaming ...
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10 Bedtime Prayers for Children

If you’re looking to instill positive values in your kids, bedtime prayers for children ...
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‘Struck by the Words of Jesus’: How Reading the Bible Helped Dennis Quaid Rediscover His Faith

Dennis Quaid has spent nearly 50 years in the public eye, having starred in multiple ...
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‘You Too Can Overcome’: Bethany Hamilton Reflects on 20th Anniversary of Shark Attack

Twenty years ago, Bethany Hamilton lost her arm in a shark attack while surfing off the ...
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Exclusive: Inside the Making of the Original Film 'Birthright Outlaw'

“Birthright Outlaw,” the newest movie from the director of “Legacy Peak,” is now ...
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The Best Police & Cop Movies & TV Shows

Police and law enforcement-themed shows and movies are popular — and with good reason! ...
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Psalm 23 Meaning: Analysis of This Powerful Scripture

Psalm 23 is one of the most well-known and beloved Bible chapters. Its contents have been ...
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Our Favorite Moments from Season 3 of 'Vindication' Continued (Episodes 5-8)

In Part 1, we share some amazing moments from the first four episodes from Season 3 of ...
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Who is Trevor Donovan? Get to Know this Great American Family Star

Since we've become a part of the Great American Media family, you may have noticed a few ...
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