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Billy HallowellDec 12, 2022 12:00:00 AM7 min read

15 Christmas Prayers to Share With Your Family

The Christmas season is an important time to spend time with family and loved ones. It’s also an essential time to focus on building up one’s faith — and keeping the true meaning of the holiday at the top of our minds. With prayer, Bible readings and other efforts to build your faith, you and your family can live in joy this holiday season.

Explore the following Christmas prayers to see how you and your family can better focus on God as we head toward the annual celebration of Christ’s birth.

A Christmas Prayer for Focus on the Meaning of the Season

It’s so easy to get distracted amid the chaos of the holiday season. Losing focus on the real meaning of the season is a struggle in a world in which so much attention is paid to materialism, gifts and secular celebrations. The following Christmas prayers for family encourage people to focus, instead, on Jesus this holiday season:

“Dear Lord, please help my family and I to remember the true meaning of Christmas — the celebration of Your Son’s birth. It was an event that transformed the world, and I ask that You help us remember what Jesus’ birth and life truly mean this holiday season. Thank you, Lord, for Your faithfulness and love. In the name of Jesus, I pray, amen.”

“God, as we inch toward Christmas, please continuously renew my mind and help me and my family to remember that the real meaning of the season is Christ Jesus. Thank You for sending Jesus into the world to save me from my sins. Please don’t let me get distracted by gift-giving, cooking and other traditions. Instead, help me to keep my focus on Jesus. In Christ’s name, I pray, amen.”.


Simple Christmas Prayers of Gratitude

‘Tis the time of year to be grateful and to thank God for all we have. The following Christmas prayers offer up thanksgiving — invocations that let God know how much we appreciate His love and guidance.

“Dear Lord, thank You for all we have in our lives. I am especially grateful this time of year, as I reflect on Your provision, all You have given us — and the love You have placed in our lives. Thank You for Your love and guidance. In the name of Your son Jesus, I pray, amen.”

“Father, today we give thanks for all the blessings You have given us. We’re safe from harm, we have food to eat and despite the challenges in our lives, we know that we are blessed. One of the things we’re most grateful for is Christ’s finished work on the cross. In Jesus' name, amen.”

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A Christmas Prayer for Family Guidance

Christmas prayers can focus on God’s provision this holiday season, and for assistance in the year ahead. Consider these simple blessings as you and your family head toward the holiday:

“I ask that You would bless my family this Christmas and continue to guide us along Your path. I also pray for blessings for the rest of the holiday season and in the year ahead. In the name of Your son Jesus, amen.”

“Lord, please guide my family as we head toward Christmas and the new year. We ask for Your love to permeate our lives. We’re grateful for all we have, and we ask that we can keep our focus on what is right and good. Please protect us throughout the holiday season and prepare our hearts for what’s to come in the new year. In the name of Your son Jesus, I pray, amen.”

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Christmas Prayer Thanking God for His Grace

Part of reflecting on the true meaning of the season is focusing not only on Jesus’ birth but His sacrifice on the cross. The following Christmas prayers guides us to remember of all Christ gave for us:

“We recognize that while we were still sinners, Christ loved us and gave His life for us. He went through death on the cross so we could have a relationship with You in life, then go on to be with You forever. We fall so short, but You love us anyway. We have deep flaws, but when You look at us you see Christ’s righteousness. Bring us closer together as we express our gratitude for all You have done — and our love for one another. Thank you. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

“God, Your son’s arrival in the world transformed human history. Thank You for the gift of salvation. As we study Christ’s birth please help me and my family to keep our focus on the true meaning of the Christmas season. Christ’s birth and death give us each salvation; help me to give to others sacrificially this holiday season. Thank You. In the name of Your son Jesus, I pray, amen.”

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Remember Those With Less This Christmas Season

The holiday season is a time to remember those who are less fortunate. The following Christmas prayers offer hope and love to those who do not have homes, families and resources this holiday season:

“We know that some people don’t have food or resources this Christmas season, and we have it in abundance. Thank You for always providing for our needs. Thank You for how You enrich our lives. Please comfort those who lack food, resources — and loving family members and friends. Please comfort these people and use us to help reach out to them this holiday season. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.”

“Lord, please guide my family and I this holiday season toward those who might need love, kindness and basic resources. As we celebrate, help us to also give our resources to people who have far less. We trust You to guide us toward these people, and we thank You for Your continued guidance. In Christ’s name, I pray, amen.”

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Thank God for the Season: Christmas Prayers for Family

Life is busy. Getting the family together can often be tough, as responsibilities and distance can get in the way of regular gatherings. The holiday season is often the one time during the year when the whole family can come together. The following Christmas prayers thank God for the blessing of unity:

“Father, thank You for bringing us all together safely this Christmas. We don’t get to see each other often enough, and sometimes it feels like a miracle just having everyone in one place. Please bless this time that we spend together this Christmas. In the name of Your son Jesus, I pray, amen.”

“Lord, this Christmas blessing prayer is for my family. Please protect each person as we travel to be together, and please bring peace and love to our discussions. I thank You for Your Son’s birth, and I am also grateful for the amazing love that my family showers upon us. Thank you for a glorious Christmas season. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.”

“Lord, I pray for peace in my family. I pray that love would transcend any and all difficult dynamics that might be present. Please help me to see others through the lens of Your love. I also ask that You guide my words and actions this holiday season. In the name of Jesus, I pray, amen.”

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Christmas Dinner Prayer: Thankfulness for Food and Love

Christmas is also a time for delicious meals with loved ones. The following options for Christmas dinner prayer thank God for the food and ask for a blessing on the time you and your loved ones will spend together:

“Lord, thank You for this meal. We are so grateful to have such delicious food, and such wonderful loved ones to share it with. We thank You for Your blessings, and we ask that You would guide our discussion and infuse it with Your love. In the name of Jesus, we pray, amen.”

“God, please bless this meal and our time together. Thank You for allowing us to safely gather together. We ask that You would guide us as we reflect on the year — and on Christ’s sacrifice. Thank You, Lord, for all You have done for us. In Jesus’ name, we pray, amen.”

We hope that each Christmas prayer offers you and your family blessings this holiday season. This is the time of year when focus on faith and family are paramount. If you’re looking for more inspiration, please also consider subscribing to the Pure Flix Insider.


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