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Jul 25, 2023 1:25:00 PM

Lessons From Poppa: What We Can All Learn from Poppa in 'The Abigail Mysteries'

Everyone can recall their favorite, most lovable character from a movie or a program. When that character is a parental figure doling out life lessons by the handful, we not only like their character, we can often benefit from their wisdom in our own lives as well! 

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 “The Abigail Mysteries” adds another great character to our list: Poppa. Abby’s grandfather is a preacher at her church, so you know whenever he speaks, words of wisdom are waiting at the tip of his tongue. 

We thought we’d share some of our favorite lessons we’ve learned from Abby’s Poppa that we hope inspire you as much as they inspire us.

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Life Lessons from Poppa in “The Abigail Mysteries”

1. God’s Love is Endless

In one of the first scenes, when Abby is unpacking boxes in her new house, she comes across her Bible that Poppa gave her. He wrote this note to her inside the front flap:

“You are more loved than you could ever know.” 

What a gift to know this statement is true for each and every one of us! Poppa’s inscription reminds us that God loves us without end. Because His grace and mercy are so boundless, we know that no matter what we do, no matter our sins, if we repent, God will always forgive us. His love knows no ends.

Poppa even repeats this statement later in the film, when he says to Abby: “You know there’s nothing you could ever do to make me love you less.” Poppa loves both of his granddaughters — Abby and her sister — endlessly like Jesus loves us. As we know from scripture, Jesus’ love goes beyond our outward appearance, our worldly possessions or our accomplishments, but instead looks at the heart (1 Samuel 16:7). Poppa knows that no matter what path Abby takes or where life takes her, he will always love her and support her.

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2. God Desires a Relationship With You

It’s clear Poppa cares about his family and the souls of his congregation. During one of his sermons, Poppa says:

“If you look through the books of the Bible, you’ll see that God created unique relationships with each of the authors. There’s an intimacy, a safety, trust. And God wants that with you too! For you to really know Him and to really trust Him with His plan.”

Abby is struggling with her relationship with God as she moves back to her hometown. Having had a few rough times in recent years, Abby’s faith definitely isn’t as strong as it used to be. Poppa’s sermon doesn’t just speak to her current situation though; it can speak to all of us.

God desires a deep relationship with every single one of us. We love how Poppa points out the unique relationships God had with each author of the Bible. It’s a wonderful analogy to how different our relationship with God can look from our neighbor’s, but still how intimate and trustful He wants us to be with Him.

Poppa’s sermon about God desiring relationships with each of us shows us how deep his own relationship is with the Lord. It also shows his genuine care and concern for the souls of his congregation, hoping they too will be on fire for the Lord, just as he is.

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3. God Works Together for All Things Good

We know Abby is set upon solving the mystery in “The Abigail Mysteries,” which is why she approaches Poppa to help her figure out the clues. But Poppa uses their conversation as a chance to also reach Abby on a deeper level as he tells her:

“I know change is scary but that doesn’t mean it’s not good.”

Poppa’s referring to Abby’s unforeseen divorce and move back home when talking about change. Abby’s life has taken a turn and she’s starting a new chapter when she moves back to her hometown. Poppa’s words are meant to comfort her. We never know where God will lead us on our path, nor the how or when that change will occur. It sure can be scary to take a leap of faith and make a big change like Abby did.

But Poppa knows that despite the circumstances surrounding how the change came about, doesn’t mean that the change itself will be bad. Many times God calls us to make a change in our lives to lead us closer to Him, which is exactly where Abby’s journey is taking her. It can be easy for us to be complacent in our faith walk, but God calls us to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

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4. Home Is Where Your Heart Is

There’s nothing like sitting around the dinner table with your family. Poppa’s appreciation and enthusiasm for having dinner with his two granddaughters is apparent when he tells them:

“Life’s best journeys lead you home.”

Poppa isn’t just talking about the physical location of your home in this sentiment, but also the spiritual and emotional safety, love and comfort we feel when we are home. No matter where God calls us to and where life will take us – whether on exotic adventures, trying new hobbies or befriending an unlikely friend – the best journeys will always bring us these familiar feelings.

We can feel at home in many places – with certain people in our lives, in certain places, doing certain activities – but our ultimate home is with God in heaven. God may lead us to places and to people we never expected to encounter in our lives, but ultimately if we let Him be in charge, He will lead us to our eternal home. God’s plans for us are bigger and better than those we have for ourselves and when we let Him control our feet, our lives will be blessed beyond measure.

Those are four lessons we learned from Poppa’s wise counsel in “The Abigail Mysteries.” We hope they made you feel as warm and fuzzy inside as Poppa’s words made us feel while watching the film. “The Abigail Mysteries” will be available to stream only on Pure Flix starting July 31.

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