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Marissa MayerNov 4, 2022 12:00:00 AM2 min read

‘The Lord Literally Grabbed Me’: Queen of Disco Shares How God Freed Her from Life of Sin

In the 1980s, Gloria Gaynor found herself at a crossroads. 

The Queen of Disco had gained huge success with hits like “I Will Survive” and “Never Can Say Goodbye,” but then she unexpectedly lost her mother. Despite having adoring fans, dedicated band members and an open invitation to every Hollywood party, Gaynor felt like there was no one who truly cared about her. To fill that void she felt, Gaynor submerged herself in the party scene and everything that went along with it.


That’s when God stopped her in her tracks.

“I was kind of in limbo morally and kind of going along with whoever I was with and all of that,” Gaynor said in a recent interview. “One night, the Lord literally grabbed me on my collar and said, ‘That’s enough.”

“I believe that He just said to the enemy, ‘Not to this one. This one’s mine,’” she added.

Despite growing up in church and being baptized when she was 16, Gaynor admitted that she had no idea who Jesus was. To find the answers she needed, Gaynor turned to the Bible.

“For the next two years I sat down at my dining room table every time I had the chance, and I spent an hour or two studying the Bible,”  Gaynor explained in 1998. “Today I feel blessed, and unshakable in my faith because I didn’t get it from my aunt, my mother, my grandmother or the lady upstairs—the Lord taught me.”

That confidence in her faith has served Gaynor well in Hollywood during her decades-long career.

“I’m not shoving anything down anybody’s throat, but if you want to know why, I can tell you why [I follow the Lord],” Gaynor said. “I can help you understand this. I can take you to a better way because, as I’ve often said, He loves us with an undying, unchanging, unconditional love. Everything that He tells us to do, that He wants us to do is for our own good.”

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