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Director Johnny Remo Shares Personal Story that Influenced ‘God’s Country Song’

Johnny Remo has been in the faith film business for over a decade. And he’ll be the first one to tell you that some of the best films are the toughest ones to make—touching on the intense, real-life drama that makes salvation in Christ so necessary in this fallen world.

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“Someone said to me when we were screening [the 2010 film] ‘Cutback,’ and I’ll never forget it, ‘If you offended 10,000 people, but you saved one person, would that be worth it to you?’ I stopped for a minute and I said, ‘You know what? It absolutely would be,’” Remo explained in a 2014 interview. “In order to show the redemption, you have to show how bad it was before the redemption.”

Remo’s latest film, the Pure Flix Original “God’s Country Song,” taps into a lot of the hurts that Remo has experienced in his own life—including having an absent father and losing his daughter to drug addiction.

“I had the greatest mom in the world, but it was very difficult for me because my mom could only teach me so much,” Remo said in a recent interview. “God gives you two parents for a reason, a very good reason. And she did the best that she could on the mom’s side, but you need that other side.”

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God’s Country Song” tells the story of Noah, an up-and-coming country singer who has a broken relationship with his father. When Noah learns that he has a young son with a woman he barely remembers, it sets him on the path to rediscover what truly matters in life: faith and family.

But Noah’s journey to redemption is not without its struggles. Over the years, he started using alcohol as a coping mechanism, which is only fueled by his troubled relationship with his dad.

“I would hope [viewers] take away from this movie God's love for you, human, especially in your lowest moment. When we're weak, that’s when He is strong. … A lot of times, we're just going through the motions, and we're relying on our own strength. And when you are at that lowest moment, you're at a place where you're desperate, the amazing thing is that God didn't turn away from you in your pride and all those things. He was just always there."

Remo said he hopes that seeing Noah’s struggles on screen might help someone who is dealing with these types of hurts or substance abuse in their own lives.

“It’s OK to have an addiction. The love of your family, the love of God will get you through that. You just have to have faith and belief and talk about it,” he said. “So, that’s what we hope we did with the movie.”

At the end of the day, hope and healing is possible with Jesus. And that’s what Remo’s movies are all about.

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