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Jun 20, 2024 10:56:00 AM

10 Best Summer Movies for Teens with Family Values

Summer break is here! Time for spending summer days in the sun and lots of family fun. But at the end of the day, sometimes a movie at home in the air conditioning is exactly what’s needed. Summer movies for teens that the entire family can enjoy can be hard to find.

Summer vacation can be a time of relaxation, adventures, vacation and outdoor activities ... but in many cases, it's also when summer rain and thunderstorms take places. These family friendly movies are perfect when your kids are (unfortunately) stuck inside but you still want to spend their summer break wisely. These movies aren't only great for family movie nights, but also for instilling family values in your kids while they're out of school.

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Family Friendly Summer Movies For Teens

We know that as kids become teenagers, it's usually harder to convince them to stay in one night for a family movie night, especially during summer vacation. These summer movies are perfect for families with teens over summer break, because these movies deal with topics that are relatable to teens. From falling in love to conflicts with parents and additional responsibility that comes with growing up, these movies cover it all. 

With this list of summer movies for teens, we hope they open the door to having conversations with your teens about family values and keeping the faith as they continue to grow older. Here’s a list of some summer movies for families with teens.

Sweet Sweet Summertime

Sweet Sweet Summertime

After a tragic accident, Caleb's father announces that he's going to be moving the family before the start of the new school year. Caleb and his friend Blake make plans to make the summer one they won't forget. Faith-filled Caleb tries to get his father back to church by doing good deeds all summer long. This family movie shows the importance of faith during loss and the fruit that comes from doing good deeds for others.

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Running The Bases

running the bases

Summer means spring baseball season is in full swing (see what we did there?)! A small-town baseball coach uproots his family to coach at a large school but it gets ugly when the superintendent makes him the target of his anger toward God. Starring Brett Varvel, this summer movie is the perfect option to stream whenever a movie night is called for!

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Mercy Rule

Mercy Rule

Sometimes summer family movie nights call for a sports movie! In this baseball movie, John and his son, Cody, think they have to fight their problems on their own. When they finally learn to rely on friends, teammates and faith, they discover their battles can be won. This inspiring movie stars Kirk Cameron and is sure to be a hit with the whole family! (See what we did there?)

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Surviving Camp Analog

Surviving Camp Analog

What do you do with a group of teenagers who are forced to give up their phones for the entire time at camp? After an online prank goes wrong, the Shocklosers—a group of YouTubing high schoolers—are shipped off to Camp Analog: a summer camp designed to rehabilitate destructive tech habits. Will the gang discover who they truly are without their phones or have their phones become part of their identity?

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The Lost Medallion

The Lost Medallion

No summer vacation is complete without a wild adventure to a lost worldand a treasure hunt! A long-lost treasure transports two teenagers into the past.  As different tribes try to gain the power from the lost medallion, it's up to the teens to decide who wants the medallion for the right reasons.

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Emerson Heights

Emerson Heights

When Los Angeles actor Cody McClain falls for New Yorker Briley Williams, they attempt to beat the odds of long-distance love. But when Cody lands the lead role in a blockbuster film, they realize that distance may not be their biggest hurdle. Will Cody leave everything he worked for to follow the girl of his dreams or will he choose his career over love?

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If your teens are into skateboarding, they'll love this summer movie! Skateboarder Caleb grew with his single mom. At the age of 18, he finds his busy, rich architect dad after his mom his hospitalized and diagnosed with cancer. As Caleb tries to escape all responsibility and troubles through skating, he gets jolted into seeing what's important in an unexpected turn of events. Starring John Schneider, this is the perfect option for family movie night! 

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Finding Grace

Finding Grace

After losing her mother and her faith, 18-year-old Alaska Rose finds herself in court for some out-of-control behavior. She is forced to provide community service in a retirement home. As she develops a friendship with one of the residents and becomes closer to her father, she discovers the power of family, hope and faith.

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A Champion Heart

a champion heart summer movies for teens

When Mandy is ordered to pay off her dues at a horse ranch, it's the last place she wants to be. But when a new rescue horse arrives at the ranch, Mandy can't help but feel they're cut from the same cloth. Tux gives Mandy a path back to healing, faith and hope. A pure and inspirational story the whole family can enjoy!

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Strong Fathers Strong Daughters

strong fathers strong daughters updated key art

Steve loves all three of his daughters – but does he really know who they are? Discover the heartfelt journey of a dad who is desperately trying to hold onto his little girls but learns he must give up control and trust God with their future.

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That concludes our list of must-watch Summer movies for kids available on Great American Pure Flix. Start streaming clean today with a free trial.


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