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Sweet Inspirations

Four women discover purpose when they launch a unique fundraising effort to save a local women's shelter.

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Finding Normal

While serving her sentence of community service, Lisa's world turns upside down after meeting the man of her dreams.

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I am Gabriel

Promise, Texas is no place to raise a family. Just when things are at their darkest, a mysterious boy wanders out of the wilderness.

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Top Canadian Movies

Here Are the Top Canadian Movies on PureFlix.com

Is Pure Flix available in Canada? Absolutely! Fans can stream PureFlix.com in and throughout the country. And if you’re interested in Canadian movies and Canadian films, we have scores of movies for you to check out right now.

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Pure Flix Canada

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Most of PureFlix.com’s extensive catalog is available for streaming in Canada. Choose from a wide variety of options that is sure to meet the needs of everyone in your household while giving you peace-of-mind.

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Only God Can

This Must-See Christian Movie is a 'Beacon of Light' for Women

While there are many uplifting Christian movies and television shows available, sometimes we crave something personal to us. With few films made for and about Christian women, one of PureFlix.com’s newest movies “Only God Can” leads the way, offering a raw perspective into the struggles that women face in life and faith.

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Want to Watch Pure Flix on Your TV? Here Are 5 Easy Options

Pure Flix is an uplifting alternative to Netflix and network television, and you can stream Pure Flix right from your computer or tablet with the Pure Flix app — or watch a movie or series on your TV.

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God's Not Dead 2

Our Favorite Inspirational Moments in "God’s Not Dead 2"

Packed with inspirational moments, “God’s Not Dead 2”, starring Melissa Joan Heart, is an amazing movie about possessing unwavering faith in God. This movie reveals that there comes a time in the life of a believer when you must stand up and defend your faith in God, which will require “grace under fire.”

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Pure Flix's mix of family-friendly and Christian entertainment includes movies for all ages, kid’s animated titles, documentaries, inspirational, and much more. 

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