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Positive Entertainment that Changes Lives, Inspires Hearts, and Lifts the Spirit

Pure Flix's mix of family-friendly and Christian entertainment includes movies for all ages, kid’s animated titles, documentaries, inspirational, and much more. All titles are delivered in the highest resolution possible and with a user-friendly experience on a variety of devices.

The Pure Flix team is made up of people just like you who are dedicated to wholesome entertainment. We believe that given a choice, people want to be able to stream wholesome, family-friendly titles that carry a great message.

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Exclusive To Pure Flix

Watch trailers for exclusive movies and series like "Sweet Inspirations", "The Encounter Series", "God's Not Dead 2", "Do You Believe" and more.

The Encounter Series Trailer


Sweet Inspirations Trailer


God's Not Dead 2 Trailer


I Am Gabriel Trailer


Most Watched

Check out trailers of some of our most watched content like the inspiring drama "I Am Not Ashamed", "The Prayer Box", "Apple Mortgage Cake", "Caged No More" and more.

Saved By Grace Trailer


A Man Called Jon Trailer
Apple Mortgage Cake Trailer


Finding Normal Trailer


Movies and Series on Pure Flix

Pick your next must watch film for your family by viewing these trailers "The Dream Motel", "God's Compass", "Superbook", "Life With Dog" and more. 

Dream Motel Trailer

God's Compass Trailer


God's Not Dead Trailer

Life With Dog Trailer

Frequently Asked


  • How can I become a member?

    Click here for your free trial to watch exclusive faith and family originals, movies, TV shows and more.

    Choose between a monthly, annual or lifetime membership. See section below FAQs for more detailed info. 

  • Where is Pure Flix available?

    Currently due to our licensing agreements, we are restricting streaming video viewership to within the USA and Canada.

    The content available to watch will vary by geographic location depending on licensing agreements for your country.

    Pure Flix will use technologies to verify your geographic location to insure we honor our licensing agreements.

  • Why do members value Pure Flix?

    Pure Flix is a leader in quality entertainment that enriches lives. 

    Finding movies that honor Jesus Christ and don’t shy away from faith can be tough. Hollywood is notorious for creating films full of troubling themes and racy content. With thousands of titles and original content, you will always feel safe and comfortable pressing play. 

    Grow your faith and entertain your family by streaming value-based and faith-forward entertainment online. Help shine the light of God's love by watching and sharing the messages of forgiveness, redemption, and so much more.


  • Is Spanish content available?

    Yes! Whether you just want to practice your Spanish-speaking skills, or you prefer to watch television in Spanish. There are many titles available in Spanish. Discover a few.

    Comienza Me Tu Gratis

  • Can I donate to Pure Flix?

    Yes! PureFlix.com is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Learn more.

    Partner with Pure Flix, the largest producer and distributor of faith and family-friendly entertainment, to deliver inspiring television content for the whole family! Together we can develop and acquire better movies, television series, documentaries, and educational content to influence the culture for Christ through media.

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