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God-Honoring and inspiring media on any device at any time.

Pure Flix takes great care in previewing and selecting content so that you can rest assured that it is free of violence, sex, and language surprises. Series and movies with mature themes will always have applicable cautions and parental controls to give you confidence in what streams on your screen. We are intentional with expanding the variety of our content and there is always something for everyone: romance, adventure, series for kids, and movies for the whole family. At Pure Flix, you can Have Faith In Your Entertainment.

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  • How can I become a member?

    Start with a free trial to stream thousands of faith and family-friendly exclusive movies and original TV shows. After that, you can choose between a monthly or annual membership.

  • Where is Pure Flix available?

    Currently due to our licensing agreements, we are restricting streaming video viewership to within the USA and Canada.

    Due to licensing agreements, Pure Flix is currently available in the U.S. and Canada. The content available to watch will vary by geographic location depending on licensing agreements for your country. Pure Flix will use technologies to verify a member’s geographic location during the sign-up process.

  • Why do members value Pure Flix?

    Why Pure Flix? Pure Flix is the leader in selecting and streaming faith and family-friendly entertainment anywhere, at any time. Our content is carefully curated and chosen with our members and their family in mind. You can stream clean and not worry about unwanted language, sex or violent surprisesPure Flix performs a careful and detailed review of every title available and applies appropriate content warnings for viewers to make informed decisions on what to watch.


  • Is Spanish content available?

    Yes! Whether you just want to practice your Spanish-speaking skills, or you prefer to watch television in Spanish. There are many titles available in Spanish. Discover a few.

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