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Pure Flix is the worldwide leader in selecting and streaming faith and family-friendly media that changes lives, inspires hearts and lifts the spirits of members like you and those you love.



Our Mission

To select God-honoring media that strengthens your faith and values, is wholesome, and suitable for the entire family and streamed seamlessly on any device.

Let’s inspire together as a transformational voice in our culture. As a Pure Flix member, you can have faith that your entertainment is free from uncomfortable surprises for you, your family and your community.

Our Story

Pure Flix’s roots were set in 2005 when three friends, Michael Scott, David A.R. White and Russell Wolfe, came together to launch a theatrical company with a passion for influencing the culture for Jesus Christ through media.

The company’s early productions were primarily distributed through churches, limited theatrical releases or direct to DVD retail sales. “Those early years were always a struggle,” recalls White, the leading actor and producer in the venture.

It wasn’t until the blockbuster release of God’s Not Dead in 2014, that Pure Flix burst onto the theatrical mainstage and launched a transformational movement in Christian entertainment. Scott recalls anxiously raising the advertising funds needed — even as the movie went to theatres with the team praying the returns would meet the cash flow needs. And God showed up big! “We really had no idea,” Scott muses. “We originally thought of just taking the movie straight to DVD and changed course at the last moment. What a blessed turn of events!”

The God’s Not Dead franchise — which includes three films — allowed Pure Flix to launch into a bright future, with the company launching a streaming entertainment platform in 2015. Since that time, Pure Flix has become the worldwide leader in streaming faith-centered and family-friendly entertainment.

In late 2020, Pure Flix became part of AFFIRM Entertainment. Founders Scott and White believed that AFFIRM could catapult Pure Flix to new levels in quality, faith-centered media and reach a greater audience.

“The only regret,” Scott and White share, “is that our friend and co-founder Russell isn’t here to see the level of success in achieving our mission.”

Wolfe passed away in 2015 at 50 years old of ALS (Lou Gerhig’s disease), but his legacy lives on. A photo memorial of Russell stands in the entrance of our studio and our tribute video to him captures the heart of the man, the legacy he inspired and his dedication to his Lord and Savior,” Scott said.

Pure Flix will continue to select and stream quality content that sparks a worldwide conversation.