Pure Flix Mission
Pure Flix Mission

Let’s Inspire Together

Have Faith in Your Entertainment

Creating and producing faith-forward, family-friendly entertainment that changes lives, inspires hearts, and lifts the spirits of viewers like you and those you love.

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What is the Pure Flix Mission?

To create God-honoring entertainment that strengthens the faith and values of you and your family. Let’s inspire together to be a transformational voice in entertainment that is free from uncomfortable surprises for you and your family. Feel at ease with a safe place for streaming.

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Pure Flix Vision


To influence culture for Christ through entertainment.

By producing and licensing movies that honor Jesus Christ we are changing Hollywood and the world one movie at a time. Watch a movie or television show with your family and easily find programming that aligns with your faith and values at the click of a button.

Pure Flix Values


We are honored that you put your trust in Pure Flix that we will deliver safe Christ-centered programming for you and your family.

All of our content is prescreened and edited for content and message. Delivering safe programming you can have faith in.

Pure Flix's Background and Faith Story

Faith Story

Pure Flix was founded on a focused mission to create, produce and license faith-forward, family-friendly content for viewers just like you.

As a faith-based entertainment production company, we have kept our ideals and vision because of Christian families like yours.

David A.R. White Pure Flix Mission

"Join us in changing the culture for Christ, let's inspire together."

David A.R. White

Missional Impact

Join in on our mission and transform lives

You can become a part of a transformational movement that is much more than just a clean content streaming service. Change lives, inspire hearts, and lift the spirits of hundreds of thousands of wonderful people just like you. 

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Stand With Us

Donate a tax-deductible gift to Pure Flix today and become part of a transformational movement that blesses hundreds of thousands of families. Let’s create God-honoring entertainment that is a bright light in today’s media culture. Together, we can inspire others for a better world.

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Missional Giving

Who Is Supporting Our Mission 

People just like you! Everyday, we hear that Pure Flix entertainment is positively impacting lives. Viewers share their own inspiring stories about how a film, program, or documentary touched them during a difficult time or turned a loved one toward a life of faith. This is why we do what we do, day in and day out. Join us in this transformational mission.

"Thank God that I found Pure Flix! I've been watching these movies for at least a year or more, & I believe they are helping me with my walk with God. Also, so nice to have clean movies that are really good!"
- Martha
"You are a God send for my great grandson and me. He wants us to watch only movies with no "bad" words. That is impossible, even the family channels use more profanity than ever. Thank you for this outlet."
- Janee
"Pure Flix is a blessing. Great wholesome Christian movies for the whole family to enjoy. We love watching the different movies that Pure Flix offers. An incredible selection."
- Anna

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