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Billy HallowellNov 9, 2018 12:00:00 AM3 min read

With PTSD Tragically Plaguing Veterans, YOU Can Make a Difference

The men and women who choose to bravely fight for America make monumental sacrifices in order to protect our freedoms. We are overjoyed when our soldiers return home, but many times their battle isn’t yet over. These brave soldiers are sometimes left with terrible physical and emotional scars, and have trouble adjusting back to civilian life. From post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to other related challenges, these men and women face an uphill battle.

That’s why the family has joined forces with REBOOT Combat Recovery, part of the Reboot Alliance, an organization that develops faith-based programs to help veterans and their families deal with issues following their service to our country.

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How You’re Helping Veterans

Thanks to the support from subscribers like YOU, we’re able to help change veterans’ lives. Your generosity has helped REBOOT launch new program locations in cities across America.

“We offer trauma healing courses that are faith-based for military families and first responder families to heal through a faith-based lens from trauma that they encountered,” REBOOT CEO Evan Owens said in a recent video.

He continued. “Families are reconnecting with God, they’re reconnecting with one another and they’re experiencing true healing. You made that possible.”

Watch Owens’ touching “thank you” video below:

Through REBOOT’s work, veterans are shown that they can find purpose in their pain — and that this reality holds true power to change everything. Be sure to tune-in to “Pure Talk” on Sunday, Nov. 11, on the Facebook page to hear Owens discuss faith, PTSD and the important work REBOOT is doing.

The Method of REBOOT

The REBOOT model includes a 12-week course that is designed for veterans and their families. Many locations provide meals and childcare, as well as a course designed to help participants move on from the trauma they have suffered. REBOOT aims to ensure that these heroes are equipped to lead an abundant life at home, in their community, and professionally.

The 12-week course takes participants through subjects including:

  • The Wounded Soul
  • The Roots of Trauma
  • Freedom from False Guilt
  • Depression and Suicide
  • Made on Purpose
  • Going Through the Valley

Throughout the 12-week course, veterans receive encouragement and support from others who have walked through the same valleys. They are led by real-life examples of how to live a life of purpose, faith and love as a civilian.

Watch veterans and their family members discuss the power of REBOOT:

The Success of Reboot

The REBOOT course has a 78 percent graduation rate with more than 2,700 program graduates. Almost half of the program’s graduates go on become REBOOT leaders who serve and guide others who face similar struggles.

The REBOOT program helps not only veterans, but their families as well. It emphasizes educating spouses and children about PTSD and how they can best support their loved one throughout their journey.

REBOOT understands that the memory of trauma takes time to fade. They do not promise a cure for PTSD, but they are certain that veterans can learn to manage their symptoms, take back control of their mind and spirit, and live a life full of joy and purpose.

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With REBOOT’s dedication and success, it was an easy choice for to help. By signing up for, you are joining a team with a glorious mission to further God’s plan for all His children to flourish. You can also donate directly to REBOOT to help them fund major initiatives, including opening new locations which allows them to extend their reach to all of those who need it. is proud to partner with REBOOT as well as support a number of other causes to spread the light of Jesus throughout the world. Find out more about REBOOT Combat Recovery and the REBOOT Alliance here.


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