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Justina MillerOct 29, 2016 12:00:00 AM1 min read

‘The Encounter’ Series: New Episode Every Friday on Pure Flix

“The Encounter Series is definitely one to watch and to invite your friends over to watch too. With a life changing message, lives are sure to be changed and people may experience Jesus again or for the first time.” -The Christian Film Review just gave the phrase “T.G.I.F.” a whole new meaning. As of Oct. 21, Pure Flix began streaming their first original series, “The Encounter,” and subscribers of can now look forward to a new episode every Friday.

Created by popular demand, the “The Encounter” series is based on the feature film, “The Encounter” which follows five strangers who find themselves marooned in a deserted roadside diner with a genial and mysterious host (Bruce Marchiano). The series is also based on its sequel, “The Encounter: Paradise Lost.”

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Carrying on the same themes of characters who “encounter” a mysterious man, each episode of “The Encounter” series once again features the talented Bruce Marchiano with new characters each episode in need of change.

The Christian Film Review recently commented on “Heist,” the first episode of the series.

“Heist is a fantastic start to ‘The Encounter' series, fans of the original films will love it, and with this action packed, adrenaline filled episode, the viewers will grow. This episode is extremely well produced and feels right at home on the TV screen.”

“Heist” follows a desperate pair of brothers who attempt a convenience store heist that turns potentially lethal. Though time is running out, there is something about the man who appears to be the store’s cashier that gives the situation some much needed hope.

You can watch Episode 1, “Heist,” and Episode 2, “U-Turn,” now on Also, look for a new episode every Friday. For “The Encounter” fans who are not yet subscribed to Pure Flix, watch “The Encounter” series and films, plus thousands of other family movies for free, when you sign-up for a free month trial.

Watch “The Encounter” series trailer here:

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