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EditorsOct 27, 2016 12:00:00 AM1 min read

Netflix's 'Noble Goals'

At the WSJD (Wall Street Journal’s annual digitally minded conference), Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, told the crowd:

"Fundamentally we're about eliminating loneliness and boredom.”

Admittedly, Hastings and the Netflix crew have noble goals. After all, Mother Teresa called loneliness the “poverty of the west,” and Soren Kierkegaard said that boredom was the “root of all evil.” But while these two evils should be alleviated, is Netflix really up for the challenge?

Remember, Netflix is the streaming service with pages and pages of R-rated movies and original content consisting mostly of TV-MA and TV-14 rated shows. It's difficult to eliminate loneliness when much of the content is for mature audiences only and not suitable for viewing among families or any other multigenerational setting. And with so many of its originals and movies containing sex and violence, the majority of content can only replace boredom, the root of all evil, with another evil.

Could A Streaming Service Cure Loneliness and Boredom?

Netflix most likely does not actually aim to entirely “eliminate” loneliness and boredom. A streaming service alone could never solve such epidemics. However, if the streaming service had films that could be viewed with the whole family, movies that fostered real discussions, and content that introduced its viewers to the person of Jesus Christ, then a streaming service could be a major conduit of overcoming isolation and boredom. 

There is Good Content Out There

Pure Flix strives to make and support family movies that share the good news of the Gospel. That is entertainment that matters, because it’s for and about Jesus Christ, the only one who can actually heal a society plagued with lonely and bored individuals.

Pure Flix has the wholesome entertainment that builds people up and encourages them to seek God in their lives. Titles like “Woodlawn,” "Do You Believe?” and “God’s Compass” are films that you can take with you after the credits roll. They are the kind you can talk about at the dinner table and practice the lessons they teach and virtues they inspire in your daily life.

If you’re ready for family movies, TV series, documentaries, and originals, that can actually have a positive impact on a lonely soul in need of Christ’s love, visit today, and sign-up for your free one month trial.

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