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God's Country Song

Streaming June 16th.


3 Times Christ Was an Example of Humility in The Bible

When we think of the word “king,” many associations may come to mind: decadence, wealth, ...
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Digging into the Hard-Working, Diligent Heart of Cyndi Bunch: Single Parenting in '5000 Blankets'

It’s unfortunately usually due to unforeseen circumstances that a spouse ends up as a ...
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27 Christian Quotes from C.S. Lewis You'll Love

From The Chronicles of Narnia to Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis’ legacy as an author and ...
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Inspire Giving and Serving Others with These Pure Flix Movies

The Bible, and probably your parents, implores us "to treat others as you want to be ...
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Notable Christian Quotes About Starting the New Year Right

Now that the new year is upon us, it’s important to reflect on ways in which we can ...
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What Does the Candy Cane Represent?

Many of our favorite Christmas traditions are rooted in religion. Santa Claus, holiday ...
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12 Christmas Traditions From Around the World

Christmas is a time of celebration for Christians around the world. Traditions, old and ...
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What is the True Meaning of Christmas? 8 Ways To Keep It In Mind

The holidays are a busy time of year, with the quest to complete gift buying, baking and ...
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Bible Verses About Family: Family Values On Display in The Newest Pure Flix Movies

You may have noticed a common theme among our newest Pure Flix Original and Exclusive ...
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