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sadie robertson on podcast set
Jun 3, 2024 9:20:26 AM

Sadie Robertson Huff on How Award-Winning Podcast Encourages Next Generation

Sadie Robertson Huff may have gone home with a win by receiving the Podcast Impact Award at the K-Love Fan Awards last week, but the real triumph came from the impact she’s having on the next generation.

“My heart is SO full! Wow. Thank you so much for voting for Whoa That's Good to win the podcast impact award,” Huff wrote on Instagram. “That is the goal of the podcast - that it would impact us to grow in our relationship with God and grow in wisdom!”

The 26-year-old, who co-hosted the awards with singer-songwriter Brandon Lake, noted on the red carpet that at a time when many young people are struggling with their identity, she’s grateful to be in a position to offer encouragement and truth.

“If people listen to my podcast and receive what I receive when listening to others’ podcasts, that is so special to me,” she said.

“In this generation, we struggle a lot with our identity—with who we are. And I love that that’s one place in Scripture that Jesus says, ‘You are the light of the world.’ Like that is your identity,” she added. “So it’s not the time to cower back. It’s not the time to hide; it’s actually the time to fully take Him at his word and be the light.”

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The wife and mom of two is certainly no stranger to using her platform to glorify God and impact hearts and minds for Jesus. From appearing on her family’s hit TV show “Duck Dynasty” as a kid, to speaking at conferences and writing books, Huff has followed in her family’s footsteps to share Christ with the world. 

“A pastor friend sent me a video the other day of someone getting baptized at their church and the girl said she came to know Jesus through listening to Whoa! That’s Good podcast,” Huff revealed. “That's the greatest impact I could hope this podcast would have on people's lives. I'm beyond grateful to do what I do and can't wait for all of the conversations to come! Thank you for voting!”

Her words echo that of her Pawpaw Phil Robertson in regards to the family’s recent  record-breaking film “The Blind," which tells the true story of how the Robertson patriarch had to conquer the shame of his past and ultimately find redemption in Christ.

“When I ran up on Jesus all those years ago, I didn't know a movie about my worst moments would help reach thousands in theirs,” Robertson said. “We pray everyone will watch 'The Blind' on Great American Pure Flix so they can see that redemption and forgiveness are for every last one of us.”

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