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sadie robertson huff speaking
Mar 13, 2024 9:30:53 AM

Easter Encouragement: Sadie Robertson Huff Shares The Power of Understanding Who God Is

Sadie Robertson Huff knows how hard it can be to forge an identity in Christ when the Devil is constantly trying to get you to believe the worst about yourself. It’s a topic the public speaker and podcast host, who has been open about suffering from anxiety over social media criticism, addressed in one of her most popular messages a few years ago about objective truth and how the Devil tries to distort that truth.

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“Sometimes it’s hard to see a lie when it’s mixed in with the truth,” Huff said in the video. “You know what the enemy does these days? He gives you two truths and a lie daily. He says, ‘Oh, you overslept today. You’re not really where you want to be in your life. You’re worthless.’ Man, all of a sudden, I’m worthless. I am worthless.”


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Huff reminded her audience that it’s easier to listen to and be deceived by the Devil’s lies when we’re not filled with the truth. That’s why it’s so important to be renewing our minds daily with the Word of God.

“There is a Savior who is the truth and there is a devil who is a liar. They are both available. They are both going to be speaking. The question is: who are you listening to?” she noted. “You would hear [lies] and read the Word and say … ‘I am a daughter of a good Father, who created me, who has healed me, who has redeemed me, who has washed me clean by the blood of sin.’”

“So, friends, when you get a good look at who God is, and you know who you are, and you’re reminded of what you’re called to do,” she continued. “The enemy will no longer try to intimidate you because he’s intimidated by who God is within you.”

It’s a powerful lesson, and it’s one that her Pawpaw, Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame, had to learn many years ago, which has been retold through the powerful movie, “The Blind,” which begins streaming exclusively on Great American Pure Flix March 22.

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“I got my family back, not because I deserved it, Lord knows I didn’t,” Phil says in the film. “That’s the thing I learned about God, you don’t have to be good enough cause He’s good enough for us. I finally figured it out. It just took a little time.”

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