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grandfather and granddaugther praying together an unlikely angel
Sep 27, 2023 12:00:00 AM

4 Prayers For Grandchildren: Seeking God For Your Grandkids

Being a grandparent is one of the most beautiful things in life. And as a Christian grandparent, you're likely always looking for ways to help spiritually edify your grandkids.

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That's why we've put together some helpful prayers for grandchildren that you can ponder as you seek God's hand over your grandkids' lives.

But before we explore these powerful prayers for your grandkids, let's discuss some great discussion points to include in your invocations.

What Do You Say in a Good Prayer for Grandchildren?

So, what should you pray for when you're seeking God on behalf of your grandchildren? Here are some areas of focus worth including in your prayers:

  • Appeals for health: One of the prayers for grandchildren you can pray is for good mental, physical and spiritual health. Consider integrating these appeals into your invocations.
  • Appeals for heart protection: In a world that is so confused and chaotic, consider praying for the protection of your grandkids' hearts and minds. This is increasingly important as they deal with societal chaos.
  • Daily guidance for life trajectory: Another area worth praying over is the trajectory of their lives. Consider asking God to give them daily inspiration and to guide their steps as they navigate life.
  • Prayers for the future: And yet another area is prayer for the future. As you think about your grandkids' lives, consider their futures and pray that God would lead them toward the purpose, career and husband or wife He has for them.

There are other areas of focus when it comes to prayers for grandchildren, but these ideas will help get you started. Now, let's explore some specific prayers.

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A grandfather carrying his grandson on his shoulders

What is a Good Family Prayer?

Praying for your grandchildren is just one way to pray for your whole family. Since grandchildren are usually the youngest members of the family, it's important to pray for their physical and spiritual health as they get older. While unfortunate, it's never known how long grandparents will be on this side of heaven to spend time with their precious grandchildren. For that reason, remember to pray for your grandchildren often.

Let's start with one of the prayers for grandchildren that you can say today — a helpful guide for grandparents who hope to see their grandkids grow up to love Jesus:

Lord, thank You for my grandchildren. I pray that You would put Your hand on their lives. I pray that You would put inside their hearts a thirst to live by Your standards and to always seek Your love every single day of their lives. Lord, I thank You for the blessing that are these beautiful grandchildren. Please equip me and my son/daughter to help guide them along their path in life. Thank you, God. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

Now, let's explore some additional prayers about fostering worldview in children.

What are Good Prayers to Pray for Your Kids?

Growing up can be difficult. As a loving grandparent, you're likely in-tune with the physical, mental and spiritual battles that grandchildren will likely face as they continue to grow older. Luckily, our prayers for grandchildren cover all of these elements. Consider carving out time each day to pray for each of your grandkids.


Here is a potential invocation for your precious grandchildren:

Lord, I pray for [insert name]. Please be with and guide [him/her]. Please equip our family with the mental, physical and emotional resources to help raise this child up right. God, I don't know what the future holds, but I do know that it's in Your hands. Please guide us all and help this child each and every day. I pray for good influences in school and with friends. I pray You would put the right people in [his/her] path so that [he/she] can be further encouraged to make the right choices. Lord, I lift this child up to You. In Jesus' name, Amen.

And here is a prayer for teen and older grandchildren:

Lord, it is never too late to pray for my grandchildren. I thank You for the blessing of having them in my life, God, and I ask that You would protect them from a chaotic culture. Help them to see through the fog of chaos to find the beacon of Your love. I pray, Lord, that You would protect [grandchildren's names] at work and at school. God, give them the discernment to know what's right and wrong and to understand Your truth. Thank you, Lord, for all You do. In Jesus' name, Amen.

How Do You Pray for Your Grandchild's Future?

Praying for the future is important. If we believe God has a plan for our lives, then it makes little sense not to consult Him about what's to come. Just the same, as a grandparent you can offer an invocation for your grandkids' futures. Here is an example of a prayer you can offer today to ask God to guide your grandchildren where He wants them:

Lord, I ask that You would guide [insert names]. God, You have a plan for [him/her], so please help [him/her] to not only discover that plan but to take the steps along the way to trust You and to follow the road so that [he/she] arrives at the destination You have for [him/her]. Lord, I trust You with my full heart and I know that You will sustain and guide my grandchild. Thank You for the love and kindness You have shown me. I know You will show the same to [insert name]. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

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