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laura osnes on set of just in time
Apr 23, 2024 6:00:00 AM

Our Favorite Quotes from 'Just in Time,' A Candace Cameron Bure Presents Film

On set, Laura Osnes discussed the journey her character takes in the newest Candace Cameron Bure presents movie, “Just in Time.”

“Just in Time” follows Hannah, played by Osnes, grasping for control in all areas of her life: work, marriage, and starting a family. Due to tensions in the couple’s marriage, the couple agrees to spend Easter weekend apart. During this time, she meets an older gentleman who claims to have found her watch – one she knows nothing about. The two begin a weekend-long investigation to discover the origins of the watch in hopes of finding answers to Hannah’s past and current problems.

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In light of Laura’s message, we thought it would be fitting to share our favorite quotes from the movie that we feel reinforces Hannah’s character journey.

Favorite Quotes from ‘Just in Time’

“Talk to Him like a friend.” - Brooke

As Laura mentions, Hannah has long struggled with having a strong relationship with God. Her current trials and tribulations prompt Hannah to start speaking to God again for the first time in a while. Brooke, Hannah’s best friend, suggests talking to God like Hannah would a friend to just begin her conversation with Him. 

Brooke is loyal and supportive as Hannah’s best friend. She also continually challenges Hannah to persevere on the path toward healing and finding God. Because Brooke knows God intimately and desires for Hannah to do the same, her suggestion comes from experience and a love for both Hannah and God.


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“God works in mysterious ways.” - Franklin

Hannah is a woman who really enjoys being in control. Not having control over parts of her life, including planning a family and her relationship with her husband, scares her. Just like the rest of us, it’s hard for Hannah to understand what God is trying to do in this current season of her life.

Franklin is a new friend Hannah makes during her journey through her struggles. As he listens to what Hannah is struggling with, he doesn’t believe he met Hannah out of pure coincidence. He believes that the watch led him to her without a reason. God always has a plan and He always leads us to people who help us discover and better understand ourselves.

“That’s why I love clocks. They are a constant reminder of the secret of waiting. If you open your hands and embrace those long stretches of where you are and where you want to be, the possibilities will amaze you.” - Ernie

When Franklin and Hannah go to ask the original watchmaker if he has records of its original owner, his love for clocks, time and watches is very apparent.

As we mentioned, Hannah is in a season of waiting when she wishes she was more in control of the overall plan. Ernie, the watchmaker, reminds Hannah that we should embrace those times of waiting and enjoy it. You never know what God may be trying to teach you when you’re just trying to get to the next thing.

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“God does the atoning for us. He’s the only perfect one you can depend on. He’s the reason I still have joy. If it wasn’t for him, I’d be nothing.” - Franklin

In the midst of all her struggles, Hannah is having a hard time finding hope through it all. She struggles to forgive God for giving her these trials and can’t see what He is trying to do in her life. Franklin eventually reveals to Hannah the troubles he had throughout his life and his marriage, and they don’t stray too far from Hannah’s.

Franklin tells Hannah that it is because of God he was able to have hope through his struggles. Our hope in God doesn’t depend on the current circumstances of our lives but in the truth that Christ redeemed us and our salvation is promised. That is reason alone to have hope in any situation.

“Follow the lighthouse. That will lead you home … A sailor must keep his gaze on the lighthouse, if he relies on any other source, he could be pulled further into the ocean.” - Watch Owner

Franklin and Hannah encounter many people along their journey, including a wise lady who gives this sage advice to Hannah, not even knowing the details of her circumstances.

We can use the lighthouse as a metaphor for Christ. When we keep our eyes on Christ, He will lead us to our eternal home, heaven. But if we rely on any other worldly source for comfort, hope or love, we are pulled further away from our end goal. This metaphor makes Hannah and her husband realize that they need to build the foundation of their marriage and hope on the Lord in order to follow His perfect plan for their lives.

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