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Pure Flix EditorsJan 18, 2018 12:00:00 AM2 min read

Did You Know has Movies in Spanish?

Whether you just want to practice your Spanish-speaking skills, or you prefer to watch television in Spanish. You will be sure to find the clean entertainment you’ve been searching for in both English and Spanish.

Here are just a few of the movies and TV shows available for streaming on today:

Shows for Parents

  • “La Última Oportunidad”-- When five people are drawn seemingly by chance to a restaurant, they have the opportunity for a spiritual encounter none of them could have expected. Witness the impact a single night can have in what may be the final opportunity for some of them to find a new path in life.

Watch Now: “La Última Oportunidad”

Dios No Esta Muerto 2 | Pure Flix

  • “Dios no está Muerto 2”-- The hit sequel to “God’s Not Dead” is now available in Spanish. When a high school teacher is faced with the choice to deny her faith or lose her job, will she have the strength to stand for God?

Watch Now: “Dios no está Muerto 2”

  • “The Hardy Boys”-- Based on the classic book series, “The Hardy Boys” are about a crime-solving group of brothers who solve crimes. This fresh television series brings your favorite childhood story to life – and now, you can enjoy their adventures in Spanish.

Watch Now: “The Hardy Boys”

Find many more movies and TV shows available for streaming in Spanish today.

Shows for Kids

  • “Babar, Rey de los Elefantes”-- Babar has been a children’s classic for years, and now you can pass down this beloved cartoon to your children in Spanish.

Watch Now: “Babar, Rey de los Elefantes”

Franklin | Pure Flix

  • “Franklin”-- This charming and heartwarming cartoon features a young turtle named Franklin who goes to school with his friends, Bear, Snail, and Beaver. Based on the classic children’s books, “Franklin” is entertaining for children while teaching valuable life lessons and morals.

Watch Now: “De Regresso a la Escuela con Franklin”

  • “Héroes del Rescate”-- This team of elite heroes rescues people from danger due to manmade and natural disasters. Your kids will learn great lessons on courage and duty from this marvelous cartoon series.

Watch Now: “Héroes del Rescate”

  • “Baby’s First Impressions”-- Designed for your toddler to help them learn about common sights and sounds in the world. It’s educational and entertaining for the young, curious mind.

Watch Now: “Baby’s First Impressions”

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