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EditorsJul 17, 2016 12:00:00 AM2 min read

7 Ways Faith Based Films Support Family Values

An advantage of Christian movies over mainstream movies is that they support the family values many people hold dear and build their lives upon. Here are some of the many ways Christian movies build-up and encourage the family.

1. Christian movies reinforce teachings of parents, elders and Sunday School teachers.

For our children, it can be a powerfully shaping experience to watch movies that support and reinforce the teachings they receive on a regular basis from their parents and other adults in their lives. Adults can benefit as well from movie content that supports rather than detracts from their church's or Bible study leader's teachings.

2. Christian movies powerfully dramatize Bible teachings.

A few Christian movies are dramatic retellings of Bible stories, but even those that aren't showing a story from the Bible directly often show how the truths told in the Bible are valid today as well. For instance, a secular movie may show adultery or murder as being justified in some situations, but a Christian movie will follow the Bible in showing how these actions are wrong in every situation.

3. Christian movies entertain in a positive way.

So much of the movie industry today glorifies sex and violence or focuses on the tragedies of life in ways that can seem hopeless. Christian movies always offer hope even in the most hopeless situation and bring out the positives of a situation rather than focusing on the negative.

4. Christian movies promote the idea of good and evil.

Many movies focus on the concepts of good and evil, but mainstream movies often blur these concepts. Many times, it becomes difficult to determine the good from the evil in these movies, and evil actions are justified as being for the greater good, while good actions are shown to have evil consequences. Christian movies portray a clearer concept of good and evil, while still maintaining complex and entertaining storylines.

5. Christian movies promote positive character development.

Character qualities like kindness, patience, honesty, and faithfulness are praised and held up as examples to follow in Christian movies, whereas in secular movies, some of these qualities are viewed as naïve or simplistic, and might be mocked or put down.

6. Christian movies show families being valued and important.

Many movies promote the concept of family being important, but Christian movies consistently model the sacrificial love the Bible teaches. While loving your family is a nearly universal value when families are featured in movies, Christian movies show how to do this consistently and according to Biblical teachings.

7 Ways Faith Based Films Support Family Values | Pure Flix


7. Christian movies give the family an opportunity to spend time together.

Christian movies are a great opportunity to spend time as a family, enjoying some entertainment that won't attack your values or cause you to have to reteach your beliefs after it's over.

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