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ashley bratcher as victoria in finding faith
Mar 18, 2024 9:08:49 AM

4 Powerful Lessons from ‘Finding Faith’ Movie That Will Encourage and Inspire You

It’s not every day that a movie really gets you thinking about what’s important in life. It’s a big part of why we’re so excited that “Finding Faith,” starring Ashley Bratcher, John Schneider and Vivica A. Fox, will begin streaming on Great American Pure Flix March 29.

The film tells the story of Victoria (Bratcher), a Christian advice columnist who is about to make her big break despite facing her own crisis of faith in the midst of tragedy. A journey home ends up being just what she needs to rediscover God’s purpose for her life while learning valuable lessons about love, faith, and perseverance.

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Ashley is a fan favorite here at Great American Pure Flix, and has been open about the film’s potential to provide hope to those who are struggling. Whether you’re someone who may be facing troubles in your marriage or other real-life issues, or if you’re feeling a little distant from God, here are four lessons from “Finding Faith” that are sure to encourage and inspire you.


Marriage is worth fighting for.

In the film, Victoria and her husband Billy are in mediation for troubles with their marriage, which is seemingly progressing toward divorce. Victoria remembers those times when Billy hasn’t been there to support her and be the partner she needs, and she is tired of continuing to open her heart only to be hurt again. The key, Bratcher says, is making sure both partners put Jesus first and build their relationship’s foundation on Christ. By giving up control and seeking God’s wisdom and guidance in the relationship, couples are better able to navigate life’s challenges with confidence, clarity and devotion to one another.

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“Marriage has become somewhat disposable and to be able to see people learn to fight well was something that I wanted to put out there, because there’s not a ton of movies about reconciling marriage – at least not in a long time,” she explained. “Marriage is good, and a biblical marriage is even better. You learn how to put Jesus in the center and it’s about serving each other. I think, a lot of times, in this culture, we’re taught to be selfish, and that shows up in relationships. But when you learn to serve the person that you love, it builds more intimacy and you can have a beautiful, peaceful marriage, even with bumps along the way, and have a really fulfilling life with a partner to go on the journey with.”

It’s okay to ask for help.

In the midst of trials and difficulties, it can be hard for some to share what they’re going through with other people. Victoria’s independent nature makes her inclined to work through her own hardships and difficulties herself. But when she faces multiple life challenges all at once, Victoria seeks counsel from a pastor. Her pastor helps her to understand that it’s okay to ask for help. She learns it is okay to be vulnerable and seek out wisdom from those who can offer insight and encouragement.

“We're not perfect people. Even as Christians, life is not always easy,” Bratcher noted. “We face challenges; we have our own questions of faith. … It takes a lot to be a Christian and say, ‘I'm really struggling with my faith.’ That's not easy for Christians to say. But it's a very real experience. When we are vulnerable enough to say that to other people, that's where God really can step in and mentor through other people, that they can find the words maybe that you can't find yourself, especially within a Christian fellowship and Christian community.”


Remember that God has a plan.

Being a Christian doesn’t mean you won’t face challenges. Life is hard. Marriage is hard. Trusting in God’s plan is hard. But no matter what you’re going through, you can rest assured that God is working behind the scenes according to His will and perfect plan for your life. In “Finding Faith,” Victoria feels like her life is falling apart and God is nowhere to be found, but she soon realizes that she’s not alone.

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“Being able to tell a story like this and allow people to see the raw and vulnerable parts of someone who is a Christian … is a way to draw in people and help them understand that God is still good, even when bad things happen, that He is still with you and He is working things for your good when you seek Him,” Bratcher said. “If you’re seeking His will, then He’s gonna be there with you. It might not look like it in the moment; His timing is sometimes very different from our own. But I want people to understand that journey.”

You can trust that God is good – all the time.

The fact that Victoria faces so many trials is a big part of what makes her character so relatable. No one’s life is perfect and everyone struggles, and it’s okay to be angry at God and tell Him you don’t understand His plan. During those times, when we hold fast to our faith and to the One who loves us unconditionally, we discover the goodness of God that fills us with peace, hope and joy no matter the circumstances.

“Bad things happen to everyone, to Christians, to non-believers. I think it's important for people to understand that God is still good. No matter what we're facing, God is still good,” Bratcher said. “It's important to remember that because we shouldn't let our challenges push us away from God; we really need to draw closer to God so that we can root our identity in what He says about us and what He says about our circumstances and how He is working all things for good for those who are seeking Him.”


“Finding Faith” will leave you encouraged and inspired.

Finding Faith” is an inspirational story about perseverance and keeping your faith, and it’s our hope that this film will leave you uplifted and encouraged no matter what you may be going through life.

So, mark your calendar and be sure to stream “Finding Faith” on Great American Pure Flix starting March 29! Not yet a member? Sign up for your free trial now.


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