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Billy HallowellOct 23, 2018 12:00:00 AM5 min read

15 Ways To Live Beyond The Basic Beliefs of Christianity

The basic beliefs of Christianity call for followers to embrace the gospel by loving God and loving others, and there are countless ways to live out those values in your everyday life. Find some creative ideas below for specific ways you can live beyond these core beliefs of Christianity:

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The Basic Beliefs of Christianity Begin With: Loving God

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.” -Mark 12:30

The best and most pertinent way to live out the basic beliefs of Christianity is to keep focused on loving God. This means praying daily, reading Scripture and ensuring that one’s focus is solely placed on the Almighty. Loving God is central to the core beliefs of the faith. Christian beliefs demand a focus on the Lord, with everything else flowing from there.

Read the Bible Daily

The clearest way to live out the basic beliefs of Christianity is to understand them by reading the Scriptures daily. Turning to the Bible every morning is a wonderful way not only to build up faith, but also to ensure that one’s focus is on the Almighty before embarking on the day ahead.

Watch Uplifting TV Shows and Movies

Another way to live out Christianity’s basic beliefs is to be intentional about the types of content you’re watching. This means seeking out faith and family-friendly films and TV shows — something you can easily do if you subscribe to 

Buy One Christian Book Per Month

The Bible is essential to learning about Jesus, but another wonderful way to put God first in the modern world is to commit to reading one Christian book per month. There are wonderful book lists that can help guide you in the right direction as you embark on a journey to build a more solid relationship with Jesus Christ. Books are a great way to affirm the basic beliefs of Christianity and integrate them into your life.

Journal Daily

Another way to live out your faith is to begin journaling your thoughts, prayers and reflections every morning or night. Sometimes this helps you better understand the Kingdom of God and helps keep your faith in check. A journal is a wonderful and private way to speak to God, while reflecting on the main beliefs of Christianity.

Post Verses Around Your House

If you’re looking for ways to love God more fully, consider writing out Bible verses and posting them around your house. This is yet another way to reflect on Christianity beliefs and to integrate important truths into your heart — and soul.

Consider choosing a special place in your home to put these verses, or perhaps you can place them near mirrors or other frequently visited places so that you and your family members can keep God and the core beliefs of Christianity on your mind throughout the day.

Listen to Christian Podcasts

It can be complicated to understand heaven, Christ’s love and the kingdom of God, which is why you should consider subscribing to Christian podcasts that take an innovative approach to faith. Podcasts are a wonderful supplemental way to learn more about the basic beliefs of Christianity.

Play a Morning Sermon

One of the best ways to keep up with your faith is to play a morning sermon. Sometimes it’s hard to find time to infuse truth into the morning routine, but with countless Bible apps and online resources, it’s now more possible than ever to play a Christian sermon, to listen to the Bible and to hear biblical messages while on the road or commuting.

Tuning in to Christian programming in the morning — or at any point during the day — is one of the best ways to explore the basic beliefs of Christianity.

Loving Others | Pure Flix

The Main Beliefs of Christianity Also Include: Loving Others

“Love your neighbor as yourself.” -Mark 12:31

Jesus also made it clear that His followers should love others, as this, too, is one of the main beliefs of Christianity. There are a variety of ways that we can specifically show love for people in our lives, including strangers.

Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

One specific way to live out Christianity beliefs is to volunteer at a soup kitchen or another establishment that serves those in need. This is a wonderful way to put the core beliefs of Christianity into practice, while potentially bringing along friends and family members. You can search online for local establishments and projects.

Help a Stranger in Need

Another way to live beyond the basic beliefs of Christianity is to look for ways in your daily life that you can help a stranger in need. Consider stopping in the grocery store to help someone reach an item. Or, help someone with a task they’re having a hard time completing.

The basic beliefs of Christianity encourage us to love others, and there are countless ways that this can be lived out.

Volunteer at Church

For anyone with a passion for Christianity beliefs, volunteering at church is key. This not only helps keep the church healthy, but it’s a practice that helps you live out one of the main beliefs of Christianity. From teaching to helping clean and set up for events, there’s no shortage of volunteer opportunities in most local churches.

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Consider Sponsoring a Child

Another way to put the core beliefs of Christianity into practice is to sponsor a child through World Vision or another similar organization. This is a way to build connections with children abroad, and to teach yourself and your family members the true value of loving others.

Be Encouraging

While scrolling through social media or your phone, consider sending a message or text to a friend in need. Or, simply send a surprise message of encouragement to a friend or loved one. Encouraging others is easy, and since we don’t always know what people are facing, kind words are generally more than welcome.


Another way to support Christianity’s basic beliefs is to donate money to your church. This helps ensure that pastors and congregations can continue operating, while also engaging in much-needed ministry in your community.


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