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Classic Family Movies on Pure Flix

Classic Family Movies and TV Shows

Sit down and enjoy the clean classic movies of simpler days. Enjoy not switching through channels night after night by instantly streaming wholesome family entertainment.  Gather the whole family and browse Pure Flix’s extensive selection of films for all ages. 

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Family Favorite Classic Movies

Family movie night is the perfect time to sit down and watch a classic film.  All ages will enjoy these family centered movies.


Adventures of the Wilderness Family

The story of a modern day family who became bored with the hassles of the city life in Los Angeles and moved.

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The Little Princess

When her father is called to duty in Africa, young Sara (Shirley Temple) is sent to stay in the care of an school for girls.

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Jack and the Beanstalk

Abbott & Costello's version of the famous fairy tale, about a young boy who trades the family cow for magic beans.

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Classic Television Series

The classic television shows that we all remember have wholesome storylines and the classic family values we need more of today. All ages will enjoy favorites like The Dick Van Dyke ShowBeverly Hillbillies, and more.


Family Affair

A happy-go-lucky bachelor raises his niece and nephew with help from his butler, in this warm and memorable family show.

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That Girl

Aspiring actress Ann Marie is working at a newsstand in an office building, where she meets a writer for Newsview magazine.

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The Beverly Hillbillies

After striking oil, the Clampett clan trades a simple country life for the poshness of Beverly Hills, California with a mansion.

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Classic Westerns

Many people love a good Western classic movie featuring cowboys. Sometimes life in these films seems hard, but the good guys usually win in the end. And there’s something to be said for their honesty and family-friendly messages. Classic Westerns add a little drama to the standard family friendly choice, but classic movies never push the envelope. It’s a great way to enjoy some action that’s appropriate for the whole family.


Billy The Kid Trapped

Billy thinks luck is on his side when he and two buddies are rescued from the gallows. Unfortunately, there are plans to frame them.

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The Yellow Rose of Texas

Insurance Investigator Roy is looking for Weston and the missing money he supposedly obtained in a robbery.

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Angel and The Badman

This stars John Wayne as wounded outlaw Quirt Evans. When sheltered by a Quaker family, he falls for the daughter, Penelope.

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Best Classic Family Movies To Enjoy!

Pure Flix offers safe and family friendly content that you can trust — movies that are entertaining for you and your family. Revisit John WayneCary Grant, Shirley Temple and others with these titles and plenty more. Pure Flix’s classic family movie selection goes way back and we’re proud to present material that’s great for you and your children.

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Classic Movie Lists

Looking for more? Check out these classic movie lists on the Pure Flix Insider. There’s something for just about everyone on our blog, so stop by the Insider for classic family film ideas, Bible verses, and much more.

Classic Movies

9 Classic Movies That Will Take You Back in Time

Revisit John Wayne, Elizabeth Taylor, Shirley Temple and others with these titles and plenty more.

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Many shows from your past have become classics for a reason: they stand the test of time.

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Start browsing a list of the oldies and you’ll remember why many of them are still favorites.

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Cowboy Movies6 Classic Cowboy Movies You Can Stream Right Now

These western films and cowboy movies will take you back to a time long ago when Hollywood legends graced the small screen.

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Christmas Classics15 Classic Family Movies to Watch Over Christmas Break

With modern technology, it’s easier than ever to watch your favorite clean classics. Revisit John Wayne, Elizabeth Taylor, Shirley Temple and others with these titles.

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Old Fashioned MoviesBring Back the “Good Ol’ Days” with These 3 Classic Movies

Classic movies bring your memories to life and allow a brief escape from a hectic day. Check out these three fan-favorite clean classics:

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Classic Movie Guide


Download Clean Classics Movie Guide

Are you disappointed in today’s entertainment? Do you wish you could find movies that are wholesome and clean like they used to be? Fall back in love with movies with the Clean Classics Movie Guide.

With your guide, you’ll gain access to Clean, classic films available for immediate online streaming and heartwarming stories that’ll bring you back in time.

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