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Whether you're looking for the perfect weekend movie to lift your spirits or a collection of clean, inspirational films to share with mom and family, this is the guide for you. Download for free today!



Inspirational Movie Guide

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Delight your mom with access to thousands of inspiring faith and family movies, TV shows, and more for an entire year to keep her smiling long after Mother’s Day is over.


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Inspiring Movies To Watch With Mom


Sweet Inspirations

Four middle-aged ladies discover purpose when they launch a unique fundraising effort to save a local women's shelter.

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Saved By Grace

A retired police officer meets a mysterious woman who gives him a reason to re-examine what is most important to him.

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Runnin' From My Roots

Following a very public fall from grace, Country Music star Faith Winters seeks refuge in her rural Texas hometown.

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Apple Mortgage Cake

With the basement flooded, the roof collapsing, a mountain of debt and 10 days to pay her mortgage and taxes, Angela Logan. (US only)

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The Prayer Box

With his sister suffering from a serious illness, a young boy takes it upon himself to get God’s attention in hopes that God will heal his sister.
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My Mother's Future Husband

Headly and Rene learn that they must deal with the pain of the past before they can open their hearts to the possibilities of the future.

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