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Justina MillerDec 16, 2016 12:00:00 AM1 min read

[Watch] 'Fox and Friends' Co-Host Knows God's in Control

As the co-host of “Fox and Friends,” Ainsley Earhardt’s day job has her up at 3am and consists of interviewing big names and discussing current events. But at the heart of her, she is first a wife and mother who relies totally on God for strength. recently interviewed Earnhardt, where she expressed that she is not afraid to talk about her faith on TV or in the public eye, and thankfully, Fox doesn’t seem to mind either.

"Fox has never told me I can't share my faith. They embrace that and they want us to be real and want us to be ourselves. And they've always said the audience can tell if you're not yourself, so I decided just to let loose."

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Earhardt has also been open about her beliefs in her New York Times best seller, "Take Heart, My Child: A Mother's Dream." She wrote the book for her one year old daughter, Hayden, and took the title from John 16:33 (“Take heart, I have overcome the world). She told, ”I feel like I can take heart because I know that He's in control, and I want Hayden to know that she can take heart. God is in control. I will never let her go. I am always here for her, and I will love her unconditionally, the way that God loves me.”

As a woman in the public sphere, Ainsley Earhardt’s testimony of faith is encouragement for all mothers and believers.

Watch the full interview here, and be inspired by her sincerity and confession of totally relying on God in everything she does.

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