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Billy HallowellSep 9, 2018 12:00:00 AM11 min read

Top 12 Christian Movies: Must-See Films About Famous Christians

Well-known Christians often have stories of overcoming the odds and exhibiting perseverance, while others place their focus on inspiring and uplifting the masses through rhetorical means. From touching personal stories to powerful acts that have transformed the faithful, there are well-known Christians from biblical times and today who have made a transformational impact.

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Here are 12 top Christian movies in the faith space — biographies that are worth watching right now on

To Joey With Love | Pure Flix

“To Joey, With Love” — Rory Lee and Joey Feek

What We learned From Rory Lee and Joey Feek

This is one of the recent Christian movies worth watching. With a focus on singer-songwriters Rory Lee Feek and Joey Feek, it’s true story of a husband-and-wife duo who wanted more out of life, so they changed their priorities and placed their music career on hold.

The Feeks teach us about love, faith and hope — even amid challenges. Their love story, incredible music career and open faith have inspired the masses. Their story shows that God has a plan for each and every person and that faith in Him is essential.

Why You Should Watch “To Joey, With Love”

  • Hope: Among top Christian movies in the biographical space, this one is aimed at building up hope through the lens of someone else’s story.
  • Purpose: “To Joey, With Love” helps people see the narrative through which God often works for His purposes.
  • Love: The film shows a powerful love story between Joey and Rory that offers up a beautiful example for us all.

Watch “To Joey, With Love” here.

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“Corrie Ten Boom: A Faith Undefeated” — Corrie Ten Boom

What We Learned From Corrie Ten Boom

“Corrie Ten Boom: A Faith Undefeated” is one of the top Christian movies in our list that offers a lens into the lives of one of World War II’s heroes. Struggling to reconcile God’s goodness with the terrible realities of the Nazi camps, Corrie and her sister, Betsie, desperately clung to their Christian faith.

Corrie and her family were arrested by the Nazis for hiding Jews in their home. Her sister died in a concentration camp, though Corrie was eventually released. She later founded a post-war home for survivors and went on to preach about forgiveness.

Why You Should Watch “Corrie Ten Boom: A Faith Undefeated”

  • Forgiveness: Among biographical Christian movies, this film offers one of the most stunning stories of forgiveness imaginable.
  • The Gospel in Action: Among old and new Christian movies, Corrie’s story offers up one of the most timeless examples of what the gospel looks like when put into true action.
  • Reflection: Corrie’s story will help those struggling with forgiveness and with turning to God. If she was able to do so in light of what happened to her and her family, anyone can.

Watch “Corrie Ten Boom: A Faith Undefeated” here.

“David Brainerd: Missionary to the American Indians” — David Brainerd

What We Learned From David Brainerd

David Brainerd died when he was only 29 years old, but his legacy lives on. Brainerd was orphaned at age 14, converted when he was 21, and devoted his life to spreading the gospel among Native Americans.

Though he struggled at moments to find success, in 1745 he found that Indians near Trenton, N.J., were quite responsive to the gospel, Christianity Today reported. Within a year, he saw major successes.

Why You Should Watch “David Brainerd: Missionary to the American Indians”

  • Watch the Story: This Christian movie offers a reenactment of Brainerd’s life as well as insightful commentary by theology experts.
  • Perseverance: Despite challenges, Brainerd didn’t give up — and that  helped him push through and find success.
  • Push Past Struggles: The film helps viewers push past their own life struggles as they see God work in unlikely ways in someone else’s life.

Watch “David Brainerd: Missionary to the American Indians” here.

“Where Luther Walked” — Martin Luther

What We Learned From Martin Luther

Martin Luther was a German theologian and a monk who became one of the most important and transformational people in Christian history. His actions, in part, pushed Christianity into the Reformation — and directly led him into a tense battle with the Catholic Church.

Luther objected to indulgences and took on other theological issues. His quest to amend the Catholic Church forever changed Christian history.

Why You Should Watch “Where Luther Walked”

  • History: Christian movies like “Where Luther Walked” offer insight into how Christianity came to its current form.
  • Understanding Luther: The movie details why Luther objected to indulgences and how his influence grew.
  • Biography: Among top Christian movies in the biographical space, this one gives new insights into a well-known name who has dominated faith discussions.

Watch “Where Luther Walked” here.

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Apostle Peter and The Last Supper | Pure Flix

“Apostle Peter and the Last Supper” — Peter

What We Learned From the Apostle Peter

Simon Peter is one of the most transformative figures in the Christian faith. His life and legacy teach us important lessons about faith, doubt, forgiveness and plenty more. As one of Christ’s first followers, Peter had ups and downs — but those experiences, as told through the New Testament, create an important connection to us all.

Peter made mistakes — like denying Christ three times — but his devotion to the faith was lived out, with Jesus placing him at the center of the growing and robust church. Peter’s legacy lives on 2,000 years later.

Why you should watch “Apostle Peter and the Last Supper”

  • Human Heroics: Among Christian movies about biblical figures, “Apostle Peter and the Last Supper” offers a fascinating view of one of Christianity’s most pivotal figures.
  • Learn About Peter: The film offers informative insights about Peter’s life
  • Relatable: The Christian movie shows that God uses sinners to do amazing things — it’s a powerful lesson to us all.

Watch “Apostle Peter And the Last Supper” here.

“Perpetua: Early Church Martyr” — Perpetua

What we learned from Perpetua

Perpetua was a young mother living at the turn of the 3rd century who, along with other new believers, held firm in her faith against the Roman Empire and paid the ultimate price with her life. She came into the crosshairs of the Romans when Emperor Septimius Severus went after her vibrant Christian community in North Africa.

She was among the first to be arrested while taking classes  to prepare for baptism. Her father, a pagan, begged her to renounce her faith, but she refused. A dialogue presented by Christianity Today offers insight into her intense faith:

Perpetua: "Father do you see this vase here? Could it be called by any other name than what it is?"

Her dad: "No.”

Perpetua: "Well, neither can I be called anything other than what I am, a Christian."

She died a martyr, teaching us all a powerful lesson about devotion.

Why you should watch “Perpetua: Early Church Martyr”

  • Martyrdom: Christian movies like this that show what happened to martyrs illustrate what it truly means to live one’s faith to the fullest.
  • Inspiring: Perpetua’s quest not to give up on her beliefs offers encouragement to people facing struggles with their faith today.
  • Educational: Top Christian movies about martyrdom showcase the plights that early Christians faced.

Watch “Perpetua: Early Church Martyr” here.

“John Wycliffe: The Morningstar” — John Wycliffe

What We Learned from John Wycliffe

English theologian John Wycliffe was a man who preached that the Word of God could only be understood if the people could read it in their native language. Born in 1330, he is credited as helping critique church doctrine before the Reformation — but it was his work with Bible translation that has left a lasting impact.

As Christianity Today noted, “Wycliffe and his fellow scholars translated the entire Bible from the Latin Vulgate into the Midland English dialect.” Making the Bible available in different languages has become a main goal for ministries around the globe.

Why You Should Watch “John Wycliffe: The Morningstar”

  • Innovation: Wycliffe was seen as an early reformer, and his views on Bible translation paved the way for Christian growth and understanding.
  • History: Christian movies like “John Wycliffe: The Morningstar” help to provide background information on how Christianity developed.
  • Encouragement: Studying Wycliffe’s boldness can help believers today.

Watch “John Wycliffe: The Morningstar” here.

“Tim Tebow: On a Mission” — Tim Tebow

What We Learned From Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow is known as a Heisman winner, college football champion, former NFL player, and baseball player. But perhaps the attribute that has most differentiated him is his Christian faith. From donning Bible verses on his face during games to kneeling and praying on the field, Tebow quickly became a mainstay in evangelical circles.

Tebow’s faith is the underpinning of everything he does, offering an excellent example of humility, reliance upon the Almighty during tough times, and so much more.

Why You Should Watch “Tim Tebow: On a Mission”

  • Inspiring: Christian movies about modern-day celebrities show how to balance working in various sectors with living out one’s faith.
  • Understand Tebow Better: “Tim Tebow: On a Mission” is one of the top Christian movies surrounding a contemporary celebrity. It offers some great insight into the athlete’s life.
  • Be Entertained: This entertaining Christian movie also gives motivation to believers to dive deep into their own faith.

Watch “Tim Tebow: On A Mission” here.

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“Martin Luther King Jr.” — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

What We Learned From Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is an inspiration. His timeless quest for equality and his appeals to faith and common sense have resonated during the past 50 years, solidifying him as one of history’s most important and transformational Americans.

With a dream that he would spend most of his life trying to fulfill, Rev. King’s story is incredible — and his legacy continues to shape the national conscience. King’s call for racial and economic equality is a beacon we can — and should — all continue to follow.

Why you should watch “Martin Luther King Jr.”

  • The Dream: Revisit how one man’s dream transformed a country and a culture in this amazing Christian movie.
  • Inspirational: Get inspired to be a better person — and Christian — by following the teachings, tenor and tone of one of America’s most transformative figures.
  • Learn: Look back at the ways in which King was used to bring about good in a chaotic culture.

Watch “Martin Luther King Jr.” here.

“Abraham Lincoln” — Abraham Lincoln

What We Learned From Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was one of America’s most essential presidents. He rose to power during a time in which the very idea of America was under assault. With the North and South incredibly divided over slavery, Lincoln stood by what was right and fought hard to win, unify the country — and free the slaves.

Lincoln’s tragic assassination is a sad concluding chapter in the life of a truly fascinating man — someone who can teach us all a lesson about forging on in the midst of trials.

Why You Should Watch “Abraham Lincoln”

  • Educational: This film sheds light on one of America’s most important presidents, taking viewers through his early years, his presidency and his death.
  • Inspirational: In line with the themes seen in many Christian movies, “Abraham Lincoln” offers up the chance to see someone face insurmountable odds — and come out on top

Watch “Abraham Lincoln” here.

Gifted Hands | Pure Flix

“Gifted Hands” — Dr. Ben Carson

What We Learned From Dr. Ben Carson

“Gifted Hands” is one of the recent Christian movies added to It’s the biography of Dr. Ben Carson, a world famous neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins, a U.S. presidential candidate and the current secretary of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Carson’s personal story of intense poverty as a child and of overcoming the odds offers many lessons for views. In addition to the importance of relying upon God, the film shows the power of good parents, education and persevering in the face of adversity.

Why You Should Watch “Gifted Hands”

  • Get Inspired: If you’re looking for inspiration, “Gifted Hands” is one of the Christian movies that will surely provide it.
  • Gain Understanding: The film provides a lens into the difficulties that life can pose for those with few means.  
  • Overcoming the Odds: For anyone looking for a good overcomer story, Carson’s rise from public housing to one of the most famed doctors in the world is stunning — and faith-affirming.

Watch “Gifted Hands” here.

“Common Ground: Billy Graham” — Billy Graham

What We Learned From Billy Graham

Famed evangelist Billy Graham traveled the world and spread the gospel to millions. In fact, he’s arguably spoken to more people in person through his Crusades and other events than anyone else in history.  

Graham lived to age 99 and passed away in 2018 after leaving behind an unparallelled legacy. There are few people in the world today who have made so stark of an impact for the Christian faith.

Why You Should Watch “Common Ground: Billy Graham”

  • Get to Know Graham: There are a number of Christian movies about Graham’s life, but this one offers comments from his kids and family members that shed light on a life well lived.
  • Get Inspired: Be inspired by Graham’s monumental efforts to positively impact the world around him.

Watch “Common Ground: Billy Graham” here.


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