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shae robbins passport to love
Feb 8, 2024 3:15:00 AM

Have the Ultimate Movie Marathon with Shae Robins

The newest Great American Family Original movie starring Shae Robins, "Passport to Love," has just been released on Great American Pure Flix. This movie follows two people that are open to finding love and willing to put themselves out there despite the risk of rejection. You’ll be encouraged and enlightened as you watch them fall in love, learn how to admit their wrongdoings, and forgive each other in hopes of a bright future together.

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We thought that it was appropriate to celebrate Shae's new movie with having the ultimate movie marathon by spending your entire day the Shae way! We'll tell you exactly what movies to watch and how you can spend your day with Shae's favorites.

Spend Your Day with Shae - And Her Movies!

Grab Your Movie Snacks

First things first - a movie marathon is nothing without snacks! Shae likes to start with something salty and finish with something sweet. Her favorite salty movie snack is a salted pretzel with nacho cheese ... and she finishes with some Mini Butterfingers.

Need a drink to go with your snacks? Shae isn't a soda drinker, but loves a tall glass of chocolate milk!

Get Comfy

A movie marathon is all about finding that comfortable spot in your living room where you can spend all day. If you're feeling adventurous, throw your mattress in the living room and turn your living room into one giant bed (Shae would choose this over building a living room fort!).

Shae's movie watching essential at home is her cozy Minky Couture blanket. So grab your softest and coziest blanket and get ready to snuggle up and watch some great movies!

Stream Shae's Movies Available on Great American Pure Flix

Now let the fun begin! Pick and choose your favorite Shae movies to stream right here on Great American Pure Flix!

Passport to Love


"Passport to Love" is about travel blogger Nicole, who meets Kade, a competing magazine rep while travelling abroad. When Kade's boss tasks him with buying her out, he struggles between doing his job and his growing feelings for Nicole.

This is the perfect movie to kick off your marathon! Stream "Passport to Love" now available on Great American Pure Flix.

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Destined at Christmas


Here at Great American Pure Flix, Christmas movies are the perfect choice no matter the season! In "Destined at Christmas," Shae plays Kim, who meets Theo in the midst of Black Friday shopping. When they get separated, they each embark on a journey to find each other by Christmas.

Watch "Destined at Christmas" now available on Great American Pure Flix. Not a member? Sign up for a free 7-day trial now.

Destined 2: Christmas Once More


Kim and Theo are back in this sequel to "Destined at Christmas!" Theo still misses connecting with his girlfriend, Kim, as he tries to find the most romantic way to propose to her on Christmas.

Stream "Destined 2: Christmas Once More" now available on Great American Pure Flix.

Love in Aruba


A school teacher is hired to be a tutor/nanny for the daughter of a single father as the three of them travel overseas to Aruba. Shae plays Candice, Amber's friend.

Be whisked away to a tropical island by watching "Love in Aruba" now on Great American Pure Flix.

Identical Love


In this romantic comedy, Shae plays a doctor who volunteers abroad and finds her ex-fiancé’s twin is also there. Can she love him and not see her ex?

Stream "Identical Love" right here on Great American Pure Flix.

Romance in the Outfield: Double Play


An injured baseball player, looking to make a comeback, gets a second chance at love with his former flame. Will she steal his heart or strike out in the game of love?

Watch "Romance in the Outfield: Double Play" now streaming on Great American Pure Flix.

That's a wrap on how to spend the ultimate movie day with Shae! Let us know what you think of "Passport to Love" or any other of Shae's movies by leaving a review.


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