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dani and griff in station
Jan 29, 2024 2:48:58 PM

Reasons Why You Should Watch the Original Series 'County Rescue'

First responders, including EMTs, work in an intense, high-stakes environment that requires courage to get the job done. The new Great American Original series “County Rescue” is a glimpse into the lives of these everyday heroes, following a group of paramedics who serve the community and support one another through the highs and lows of life.

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Let’s explore some of the themes of this beautiful faith-based drama, which premieres on Great American Pure Flix February 23. 

Answer God’s Calling

In the first episode, we meet Dani, who is about to start her first day as a rookie EMT. We learn that at church, Dani felt God calling to her become a first responder as she was praying for clarity for her career. How many of us have been in that same position, where we hope that God will bring us clarity and show us what our next steps in life should be?

Dani is convicted to bring her calling into fruition—despite her past failures and her family questioning her decision. Her teammates at the station understand her calling and encourage her to continue following it. There are times we find it hard to keep moving forward and carry out what God has asked of us and that’s when we need encouragement to carry on. 

“County Rescue” shows you the courage it takes to answer God’s calling and the encouragement needed to keep doing what God has asked of you.


Keeping the Faith in Hard Times

The life of a first responder can be challenging. The EMTs in “County Rescue” experience scary situations—and they can’t always save their patients. It can be discouraging when your job involves high-stakes situations that don’t always turn out in your favor.

Dani experiences this and gets discouraged. Ashley and the other EMTs encourage her to keep her faith and not give up, despite things being difficult. We’ve all had times when we’ve felt disheartened. It’s in those tough times we need our faith the most. God promises He will be our strength when we are weak.

“County Rescue” shows the strength, perseverance, and support it takes to keep the faith in hard times.

Facing Past Hurts

We learn that Dani’s family isn’t always supportive of her aspirations or of her faith, including when she becomes an EMT. When Dani struggles and wants to quit her job at the station, Ashley encourages her not to give up.

Ashley challenges Dani to face the lies she’s telling herself. Dani is the only one who doesn’t believe in herself and doesn’t think she’s fit for the job. So when she takes time to reflect on Ashley’s words, she is able to admit that there have been past hurts she needs to overcome.

We all have hurts from our past that can haunt us and continue to have a hold on us if we don’t face them. “County Rescue” shows us how we can face those head on and start healing from them.


Admitting When You Need Help

In “County Rescue,” Marcos tries to get his friend Duke to talk about what leads him to go to the bar after every shift instead of home to his family. Duke continually shakes off Marcos’ attempt to get him to open up. He even refuses to let his wife know what has been on his mind. He emotionally shuts down, which leads him down a dangerous path.

It isn’t until a life-or-death situation that Duke is able to admit he needs help. Once he does, he realizes all of his teammates are supportive and would never question him for not admitting he needed help sooner. 

It’s okay to admit that you can’t do it alone and that you are seeking help in order to live a life that’s pleasing to God. Your friends and family who truly love you will support you and never leave your side when you open up and seek help. Duke’s story in “County Rescue” shows the courage and strength it takes to admit when you have a problem.

These are some of the major themes you’ll find in “County Rescue,” premiering on Great American Pure Flix February 23. Want to dive deeper into Great American Pure Flix Originals? Subscribe to our weekly Great American Pure Flix Insider email newsletter.


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